phone recieving photos long after theyve been sent

  • 27 July 2021
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Hi, I’ve noticed this problem happening for a while but not consistently. The problem is my phone will not receive photos when they’re sent, and will send them after hours, days, and now apparently years after they were sent. I used to get photos sent to my phone at like 2am and when I asked the sender about it they would show screenshots of the actual time they sent it, many hours before. Just today I received a picture from my sister and responded to it, only for my sister and I to figure out that she had sent this photo three years ago. This doesn’t happen with every picture someone sends my phone, because I receive some of them on time, but others I never receive. It has happened from senders on multiple types of phones and networks, and I also got a new phone (iPhone 11) a few months ago with the problem still happening. 

2 replies

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There are a lot of reasons this can happen.  Usually backups being restored can attempt to resend old messages that were never sent or delivered.  Some MMS messages take longer than others to send and receive, due to the size of the file being sent.  When messaging across carriers, this can further complicate things.  Apple to Android and vice verse again complicates this.  Some ported numbers from other carriers have issues with SMS and MMS messages being delivered for the first while because of how blocks of numbers are issued.  It can take a while for the backend on all carriers to catch up with a number being ported to another carrier, delaying any message being received.

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out of curiosity..if you send yourself a pic how long does it take to send and then be received? a lot of the times its going to be due to your network are sent/received using if they have a solid connection on their end but yours is a bit iffy it’ll take a while for it to actually come through.. never heard of it taking years later for a pic to finally push through though...