Problems with Ipad internet speed

  • 16 October 2016
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recently my iPad speed has been stuck at 0.5Mbs while having LTE and 3 or more bars of signals. My phone has its speed of about 25Mbs. I believe my iPad internet is being throttled to 3g/2g.

16 replies

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That is no good 😥 Are you still getting really slow speeds on your iPad? If so, are you able to try the SIM card from your phone in your tablet? This would let us know if there is something going on with the iPad or if it is something related to your iPad account. Are you able to see your total data usage on your iPad line through your account?

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Just wanted to check in with you to see if you were still getting these slow speeds. Let us know 😊


I have the exact same problem,

Had a regular data plan first and the speed was just fine.

Converted the account to T-Mobile One plan and now the speed is stock on 0.5Gbps.

Moving the sim to a phone at the exact same location provides 10Mbps, or more speed.

Using a AT&T sim in the iPad also gives 10Mbps+ speed.

The iPad is the newest iPad Pro and supports the exact same frequencies as the iPhone that was used in comparison.

It is very obvious that the speed is throttled in the iPad by the network.

I have been on chat to get support but it was no help.

Been in  the T-Mobile store and they cannot see anything wrong with the account and did not have any suggestion how to fix.

Please help!


I have exactly the same issue. Just converted to One from simple choice, and now speed is stuck at 0.5mbs. Really frustrating.

I travel a lot and I can confirm that the reduced speed is in all the destinations I have visited since the switch to the One plan.

Can anyone from T-Mobile assist?

I can put the card in a mobile phone and the speeds are ok.

When using and AT&T card in the iPad the speeds are great.

It is for sure limited from the network side When using and iPad.

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Hey folks! Since this all started after a plan change, we are going to need to take a closer look at your accounts to see what happened. Please contact us so our care teams can take a closer look at this and get everything sorted out.

I have spent over an hour on the phone with support as well as over an hour at the local T-mobile store.

Neither were able to provide a solution more than to say "it should work".

Is there a way to get access to someone that actually knows what it could be?

I ended up changing the plan for my line to T-mobile One Tablet and now it

is not throttled. Of course, I won’t be able to use the SIM card for voice

call unless I change the plan back.

That is good to know.

What it also means is that the employees in the store needs to be educated that the speed is throttled if you put the sim in an iPad.

If that is the official story from T-Mobile that is.

What was the solution? I’m having the same problem in my iPad Pro 10.5

i just inserted my SIM card to my iPad Pro 10.5 and nothing works.

the sim Car was working fine in the phone, but it won’t work at all in the iPad

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There are different plans for a phone vs a tablet. If the line is on a phone plan, the data will not work if you put the SIM in your tablet. If you want to use that line with your tablet, you will need to contact us so we can get your plan changed.

Unacceptable.  I've the same problem, took sim out of phone, put in ipad pro 12.9 inch, .5 mbs speeds.  I need to be able to  switch sims between phone and ipad pro.  The pro for me works like a second phone.  TMO documentation of the plans never disclose speeds are slower on some devices than others.  Tmo store people never disclose a tmo line will be unusably slow on some devices.  TMO tech support can't seem to explain this.  ATT and verizon sims "just work".  TMO sims do not, and TMO can't consistently explain why not.  I've 6 tmo lines, simple enough to switch to another provider if TMO can't figure this out.

I completely Agree with None12!

Unacceptable.   I switch between an iPad Pro, Samsung Tab6 and iPhone.  There is definitely throttle on the iPad with the tMo chip.  All devices are unlocked and I only experience the issues with the iPad Pro and Two sim chip.  yes the Sim is used as phone line but when I insert the very same chip in the S6 tablet i get full LTE and same speed as phone.  When I use the same chip on apple it's set to 3G. 

This is done by mobile not Apple.  I don't understand why there is throttle on the service despite having the same plan on all devices. 

very disappointing.

Similar problem. ipad LTE speed is less than 0.5Mbps. Same SIM in the iphone: 80Mbps.