Purchasing an Apple Watch

  • 9 May 2024
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I’ve been thinking of purchasing an Apple Watch but haven’t thus far due to the requirement of a cellular plan. Is there really no way to get around the cellular plan? I had an Apple Watch a few years ago which did not require this. I do not care about making calls or texts from the watch without he phone. Thank you.


Thank you for any and all help/answers.

1 reply

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No Apple Watch requires a cellular plan.  They still sell models without cellular capability.  The models with cellular capability (they call this LTE) do not require a plan. 

If you buy it from T-Mobile, you will have to get a LTE watch and pay for the plan.  They might offer a deal where the Watch is “free” but they’ll get their money from you being on the plan.

Instead, you can buy one from Best Buy, Target, Amazon, etc. (often on sale) and use it without a plan.  (I have a non-LTE Series 8 purchased from Best Buy.) 

FYI you can make or receive a call with a non-LTE Apple Watch if it is either within range of your iPhone or connected to a Wi-Fi network that your iPhone has been connected to in the past.  I don’t call from mine, but it’s nice to get the notification on my wrist when I get a call, then I get my phone to answer.