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  • 5 January 2022
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I’m upgrading my old phone. I’ve received the new phone. What are the exact things I need to do to my old phone before I sent it in?


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You should have received and email with a link to the return authorization.  There is a checklist.  Are you turning in an iphone or android phone?

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Factory reset and remove the sim from the old phone. You may have to return the charger but like the previous poster stated Tmobile should of sent you a checklist.

I would also take multiple pictures of the condition of the phone in case you need to dispute the trade in value.


ok, thank you. I did not get any checklist with the shipment of the new phone, that’s why I was wondering how to do this. I’m going to just stop over at a T-Mobile store now. I think that will be the easiest. Thank you for your tips and information.

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Get a receipt showing you handed it over. At the post office, don’t drop it in the box. Go to the counter and get a receipt showing the tracking number. Follow the delivery and record the date it was delivered. This way, when the warehouse misplaces it (and they generally will), you have proof it’s in their hands.