Rose Gold Watches & More-Permanent Line?

Will you be making the lavender rose gold watches or the milanese or stainless steel link watches a part of the permanent line of apple watches on T-mobile? I have seen the rose gold for sale but they always sell out and its upsetting for when I want to purchase it that it's not available..i really like the lavender rose gold watches or the milanese or steel link but don't see any of them available.. And what about what is coming for watches by apple in June..what can we expect for T-mobile? Is there hope i can order something i would like to have that could be available?

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Unfortunately we have limited control over manufacturing numbers, and we have seen plenty of the devices sell out fast. 😥

No news on availability or what would be carried, our apologies! You may find more answers directly with Apple.

There is a stainless steel link smartwatch? 😉

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matesny wrote:

There is a stainless steel link smartwatch?

I have the Fossil Q Founder 😀


I want one too!!!

Luckily though, I am allergic to metal finery!

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I bought the silicone band for my watch, though -- Only to give it a slightly more casual feel.  The metal band would be way too much at work, I think (plus, it's heavy).

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I have a Pebble, that I don't ever wear, because I don't really wear watches. D:


Just hoping that was a gift you received, otherwise you would have spent money on something you don't need or even want! 😉

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It was! 😊

It was an appreciated gesture, but yeah... Not for me.

I have come back for an update and still nothing available?? 😥