Sending to group text using an iPhone to a group with Android phones fails to send SMS messages

  • 10 March 2020
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As my subject says, whenever I send a reply to a group text message that includes at least 1 non-iPhone user (the green group texts), my messages are either very slow to send or don't send at all. Even when i re-try to send the message numerous times, it will keep giving me an error after a few seconds "Message not sent".


I don't even know who/what to blame here:

  • TMobile's SMS network? highly likely
  • Apple's interoperability with non-Apple products? possible
  • The iPhone 11? also possible
  • Coronavirus? I can't really count it out now can I..
  • Squirrels? the ultimate scapegoat


I enabled WiFi for texting and calls, that didn't help. So.... where do we go from here?



2 replies

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Hmm that's pretty odd, but we'll try some things to help. Do you have the option to turn iMessages off? If so, let's start there. Also, are you getting any error messages when you try to send them? I'd like you to try to send a individual message to these Android devices to see if it's only an issue with group messages.

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Were you able to try out Mike's suggestions? Let us know if they worked!