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  • 15 January 2022
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I ordered the Apple Watch series 7 on 1/7/22. Paid for extra shipping to get here in 2 business days so it said I would have it 1/10/22. When it didn’t arrive I called customer support. The lady I talked to assured me that it was all packaged and ready to go from the warehouse and they would be putting the shipping label on and I would receive my shipment tracking number by email that day and it should be here by the next day or within 2 days for sure so 1/11 or 11/12. Again it never arrived and I called again because now the app was saying the watch was back ordered when it didn’t at first. The agent confirmed that it was back ordered but “assured” me it would be here 1/14. AGAIN it didn’t arrive. I used the messaging app this time to get ahold of customer service and the guy said the same thing. It was back ordered but he would credit me the extra I paid in shipping to my account which he did and I greatly appreciated that and that he would relay that my items should be prioritized but again told me I would have it today which I didn’t get. I’m just frustrated that I was told first it was ready to go then told it was back ordered but it says still in the app that the watch is in stock and available. It would of been nice to know when I bought the watch that it would be on back order but it didn’t say anything except that it was in stock. A friend of mine also bought the same watch a day before I did through T-Mobile and got hers 1/10/22. I didn’t have this issue when I bought my phone through the app. Has anyone else had any issues similar? Also I’m a knew customer so I didn’t know what to expect. Customer has been very patient and understanding but not very truthful on when my items will be here. 

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