Some callers (not all) get busy signal when they call me.

  • 24 March 2017
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Recently, some (not all) inbound callers have been getting a busy signal whenever they try to call me. Most callers get through with no issues and I can call everyone (even those who can't call me) without issue.

Some important details:

- This has been happening for about two weeks

- One of the 'busy signal' callers uses AT&T; others are using landline phones in two different states

- I've swapped my SIM into an Android phone and the issue persists

- The same thing is happening on my wife's phone (an Android) with the same callers

- The issue persists even when swapping my wife's SIM into an old iPhone 4

- The issue persists whether I'm at home or at work (30 miles away)

- *Edit: We both use the same pre-paid $40 per month unlimited text/talk/data plan

The issue persists across four different phones, two different SIMs, and several different locations ... I can only suspect it's a network issue at this point.

Any idea what might be happening?

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9 replies

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That's rough when you miss calls and I'm sorry to hear this is happening. Do you notice if you're losing signal throughout the day when you're in these problem areas? Are the callers eventually able to get through, or are they not able to reach you no matter how many times they call?

Not enough calls or contact while traveling but want to help beta test and

even take to an international level faster than T-Mobile might want to go?

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Hey @stevew407 are you traveling internationally right now and need help with your service?

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Hey @fdw3‌!  Just checking back in here to see if you'd had a chance to look over the questions Mike asked above - we'd love to help out with this if you're still in need of assistance!

- Marissa

I too am having the same problem. I'm searching for jobs in my new town and some employers can reach me while some immediately get a busy tone. I have seen multiple discussions on T-mobile with this complaint and the answers you always try to 'resolve' it with is: poor signal. No. My internet and cellular signal is strong! I'm using LTE on my Moto play gen 6 using Android. I've restarted my phone to no avail. At this time, 2 businesses have had to resort to emergency contacts to get a hold of my resting phone. Please consider this issue systemic.

As a field tech I can confirm that I know of a company i contract for that they can not make call to T-Mobile phone numbers. T-Mobile is blocking numbers they say are spam without giving us an option about it, or even tell us about it. I have a business account and lose clients because they do this. I'm switching because I've made multiple calls about it wth nothing ever done.

They are block number they say are spam and not even telling us about it even when we ask.

I am experiencing same problem with clients complaining they get User Busy when calling me. Have done Network Reset, and also changed SIM card but issue remains

My mom has been having the same trouble with her Samsung Galaxy S8+ for about a year. Some people, her sister and another daughter just to name 2, would always get a busy signal when calling her. I noticed that when I went into her T-Mobile phone app and went to line details, above the Scam ID option was a Scam Block" option as well. My Samsung Galaxy S9+ on the same account didn't have the Scam Block option. I did some researching on the internet and found that if you type #632# into your phone's dialer and hit the green button, it will turn this Scam Block off and the callers are then able to call in without getting a busy signal. So for further understanding, #662# turns Scam Block on and #632# turns Scam Block off. This does not affect the Scam ID option.

(Note: I do believe both my sister and my aunt are both on AT&T, if that matters to those trying to troubleshoot this problem.)

Hope this helps.