Still waiting since September

  • 3 December 2016
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I'd ordered the iPhone 7+ Jet Black on September 17th. Original shipping dates were from 11-01 to 11-30. Its now December and i'm still phoneless.


1- Will I receive a freebie that worth the long wait?

2- If there is a better offer for the same phone, may a discount apply for me since i've ordered the phone on regular price?

20 replies

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Ouch! That's a pretty long time to be waiting, @emoperez! I'm sorry that your phone still hasn't been shipped. 😥 You should've already received your phone by now even with the wide shipping date you were originally given. Have you had a chance to call Customer Care to check the order status? If so, what did they say?

As far as your two questions listed, I can't answer either of those because we do not have access to orders/customer accounts here on the Support Community.

Right now the order status in the app says 12/29/16-01/12/17 as shipping dates and constantly delaying. (Last week shipping dates were before xmas).

I called Customer Services and he said that I should wait until Wednesday to see if I will receive the tracking number.

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Man, the shipping date has really been pushed back. It sounds like Customer Care has done some digging on your order to get you a bit more info. Wednesday is just a little ways away but would you mind updating us on this thread with any new information you get? Also, have you looked into seeing if any local stores have them in stock?

That's very disrespectful for customers who preordered the phone months ago and are still waiting for it via mail while the phone is already available in stores.

I've just see the app and the shipping dates are delayed again. Now it says 12/30/16 - 01/13/17

Tried to cancel the order to buy another phone, but I couldn't. Hope I can receive any compensation for the long wait!

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The Jet Black isn't even in stores.... Most places are on backorder even on other carriers. Thats the most popular color and Apple doesn't make very many.

Here's some advice for you next iPhone order regardless of which carrier you go to or use. Go straight to They ALWAYS fulfill their stock first before giving it to carriers. So if Apple runs out fulfilling theirs carriers have to wait longer for the next batch. Always been this way.

‌I tried but Apple could't process my order. That was my first option hence I did the order via TMobile.

I choosed Jet Black because seller told me that the Matte Black has had more demand and existed the chance I couldn't receive it on time.

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Yes matte black is the most popular color, but the number made plays a role. When you production of MB is 70% of your total orders and production thst gives 30% for other colors. It makes a large difference.


100 MB order

70 MB made

30 JB orders

10 JB made

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Then you break it down by carriers because that was only for Apple.

‌Delivery date delayed again: 01/02/17 - 01/16/17.

‌Delivery date delayed once again! Now is from 01/03/17- 01/17/17. I want to cancel the order!!!!!!!!

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Gosh! 😥  I'm so bummed for you. I don't blame you for wanting to cancel the order. That's definitely something that our Customer Care team can help out with. You'll just need to contact them here.

I notice the GSM iPhone 7 Plus take a lot longer to get than the CDMA ones.

Is there a supply problem that can't keep up with the demand for the GSM version of the iPhone 7 Plus?

‌Delayed again. Now it has a shipping date from 09/01/17 to 01/23/17. At the store they told me I can't cancel.

*Jan 09 to Jan 23‌

‌Shipping date updated. Now from 12/13/16 to 12/20/16. Credit card charged. No phone yet...

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@emoperez, omg! YAY! I'm sure you're stoked to hear about the latest shipping update. With your card being charged, you should see movement in the shipment within the next 48 hours. I personally recommend signing up for UPS MyChoice (it's free). Once signed up, you'll get the shipping notification as soon as the label is created.

Huh really not my card wow

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‌Phone finally on its way! Got the tracking number. Now the question again: would I receive any kind of compensation for this inhuman waiting?

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So much progress being made! Awesome! As far as compensation, it appears that we were two weeks past the first delivery window provided. It's not likely that you'll receive anything but again, we do not have access to accounts and cannot provide a solid answer on this. You'll want to Community-2153 to see if there are any options available.