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  • 30 June 2020
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I have an iPhone 11 and my calls are going straight to VM.  This has happened more often over the last month, but it happened intermittently before that. Purchased new straight from T-mobile 4 months ago.  My wife will call me and phone rings, but I was just waiting on a phone call from a service rep and it went to VM 4 times while the phone is in my hand, without a single ring.  My Apple Watch will vibrate occasionally for calls, but very hit or miss. I have turned phone on and off several times without much effect. No new software updates available. No new app updates available.  All of the “straight to VM” topics seemed to be unlocked Samsung and LG phones. Any help is much appreciated before I throw the phone on the ground and jump up and down on it and switch services...again.

5 replies

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Hi there! Yeah, kinda defeats the purpose of having a phone if you can't get calls! 

I have a silly question... Do you tend to keep your WiFi switch on? I don't mean as in "are you connected to WiFi" but the literal Settings>WiFi switch set to the ON position?


Also, please note that turning off from the swipe menu isn't the same- it'll switch back on if it recognizes a network near you.


Do you notice a difference with the switch on verses off?


Wifi switch is always on. At home and work.

I could try turning off, if you think it will help, but the T-mobile internet speeds are not nearly as fast as my home or work wifi.

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I definitely understand! But it's worth trying out if you've explored all other options.


If you turn off wifi and the calls still aren't going through, reach out to 611 and ask them to check your forwarding settings. (If they have trouble, tell them to open Grand Central>Account>HLR Profile, and they'll be able to see if you are set up for unconditional forwarding)


Hope this helps!


ok. will try and see what happens

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Awesome! Let us know how it goes! 🤓