Switch T-mobile TNX Nano Sim to eSim on My iphne 11

  • 22 October 2021
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I have a T-Mobile network experience TNX Sim in my unlocked iPhone 11 on a Sprint unlimited premium plan. I want to change the physical nano Sim to an eSIM so I can add a local nano Sim when overseas. Page 10 of the tech specs PDF - https://www.apple.com/iphone-11/specs/ - does confirm the iPhone 11 can use dual Sims, a nano Sim and an eSim. 

1. Does T-Mobile/Sprint permit an eSim to be used on the iphone 11 for those on Sprint Plans?
2. If so, where do I get the new eSim ICCID needed to enter at https://www.sprint.com/simswap ?

3. Is there a webpage to initiate the change from the nano Sim to an eSIM on my iPhone 11?


1 reply

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Good question. Currently I’m not seeing this eSIM change feature is available for legacy Sprint or TNX customers. I don’t have any date as to if/when it’ll be an option.