T-mobile digit calls are routed to voicemail when I pick up and can't recieve text messages

  • 8 January 2022
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A few months back, I transferred my broken iPhone’s SIM card over to my iPad Pro with Cellular  as a replacement. Up until recently, I’ve been able to call and text using T-Mobile’s Digits app which worked acceptably (I just wish Digits was better integrated with Apple’s software).

Over the past couple of weeks or so, I’ve been having serious problems with the Digits app. While I can make outgoing phone calls, I am unable to answer calls. As soon as I pick up the call, it goes straight into voicemail. I am also unable to receive text messages either, although I can send them, I tried to reach support, but was waiting forever. I can’t have them call me back since...drum roll goes to voice mail!

Has anyone experienced this? Is there a fix. Is there some setting I need to resolve this issue. I’ve tried turning off bluetooth, dialing a bunch of shortcodes to reset settings, etc. Nothing helps.

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