T-Mobile esim feature not available for IPhone XS max yet.

  • 26 September 2018
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I have the new iPhone XSmax and tried to activate the esim but was told T-Mobile doesn’t currently have the ability for its user to have use esim yet but this is all contrary to what’s advertised. So, how do I activate my esim? I am already using the required apple software 12.1. This is what I was told by a specialist “Don't you worry you will be notified once they already released the esim”


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2 replies

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Where is T-Mobile advertising you can activate eSIM?

All posts I've seen says T-Mobile is working with Apple to finalize updating their systems to utilize eSIM and it will be ready soon.

<insert Spaceballs "soon" scene here> 😀

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We have a few threads about this topic already but the answer is that the hardware is there, we are just waiting for an update to iOS 12 coming later this year per Apple. Using Dual SIM with an eSIM - Apple Support