T-Mobile iPhone Deal

  • 27 September 2021
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I traded in my iPhone with Apple to get the T-Mobile iPhone 13 bill credits. I haven't received an email with the promo code. How do I get the bill credit? 

6 replies

Bill credits will start automatically. They have to receive your trade in to finish the process.

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if you dont receive it though you would contact Apple since its a promo through Apple themselves.

My promo code was on my retail store receipt.  It’s non-unique and entering it on the promotions page essentially starts a rebate process, but I don’t know if online purchases have the same code as in-store purchases.  If you want to try it, it was 2021APPLERETAILTRADE3

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How do you enter the promo code?

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Don’t you get it?  T-mobile has been raising prices and doing away with their former generous customer goodwill for years.  They obfuscate the promo process in the hope that you will simply give up and not collect.  Nearly impossible to find the promo codes or where to enter them, and that is no accident!!!  Go to



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How do you enter the promo code?