T-mobile rep straight LIED to me about upgrading iphone6 to 7 promo. LISTEN TO THE LITTLE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD or you will be stuck with HUGE bills

  • 24 September 2016
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Spoke to Karolyn at T-Mobile about upgrading my iPhone 6 to a 7. Was told that monthly payment for new phone would be credited to account every month for 24 months. I asked many times during conversation about this, was reassured that that's how it works. My rate plan  WOULD NOT CHANGE. she told me that her "supervisor" had taken care of everything. I signed my eip, something did not look and feel right. I was warned by my coworker about watching everything. When I called T-Mobile and spoke with another supervisor, I was informed that since I did not change my rate plan That I would not qulifiy for this promo and  would pay full price ( minus my trade in value for my new phone ( add $27 per month to bill) ). He checked all of his notes and could not find any "override"  listed.

I Have been a loyal customer for awhile, I have referred many people to T-Mobile (free money), always pay my bill on time and this is how I'm treated. I canceled my new phone order because I'm not paying full price for something that I was told would not affect my bill.

TMobile system crashing and denying me access to preorder should not prevent me from the original  offer. All this is on record in chat form as well as calls. T-Mobile has just burned this customer. I'm glad I listend to that little voice

2 replies

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Hey cklite‌,

Our iPhone trade up promotion was a super popular one! As with many promotions, they are only available for a limited time but since we had such a huge response to this offer, we decided to keep it around a bit longer and pair it with our T-Mobile One plan. T-Mobile One is a pretty awesome plan that will give you unlimited everything for a low price. I know you have been with us for a while and may have taken advantage of a previous promotion that we offered and have been grandfathered into that plan which is awesome but the new offer does require that you have the T-Mobile One plan. I know we had some issues with the pre order on day one (9/9) but we got those cleared up pretty fast and there was no requirement to change to T-Mobile one until 9/15.

I am very sorry that you were not able to take advantage of this promotion during the initial offer but the current offer is still available until tomorrow 9/25. If you prefer not to change to T-Mobile one, you can trade in your fully paid off iPhone and have the trade in value applied towards the iPhone 7 which will reduce the monthly installment payment amounts.

‌I wish that I could take the T-Mobile one offer, however I would have to pay extra for the things that I need and use for work, like TRUE HD video, 4g Lte hotspot data, etc. With my current plan everything is truly unlimited with no reduction in speeds, no video compression Plus its about the same price at the BASE T-Mobile one plan ( would have to pay more for HD video and 4g lte hotspot)  That  would be a huge step backwards for anyone.

Not going to spend more for less.

Clark Howard would not approve.