TMO GRC Fortworth TX

  • 10 February 2021
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I have been a customer for 15 years and was happy in general, but recent (Over a year ago) transaction changed my perception and I personally will be very cautious about future transactions with T-Mobile if I cannot avoid transacting.

It was unprofessional at every stage:

The order was not recorded properly and had call back after a week to reorder. Shipping label was not sent had to call to get it. TMO GRC sounds like a black hole 🙂 as it could not be traced once there. Multiple calls and promises to get back with information results nothing and no call backs.

Time goes by and at the end the associate enlightened me that it is my fault to not follow up frequently. One questioned me if I am making up as they do not have a record of sending a shipping label. 

If you had to transact: Keep copy of the shipping label, take screen shots of tracking, and create a folder with all the information like IMEI number, date sent, date received, etc. as you do not know what you will asked for. If you are lazy like me to keep all that information organized, run away from t-mobile :)

4 replies

I've experienced the same issues with this company. About a year ago their service degraded. I disconnected service and shipped back a device to the same place in Ft Worth and T-Mobile billed me for the device they should have in their possession. 

I’m on the phone right this minute with the same problem. Warehouse receipt shows the package was received on June 29th. The warehouse says they cannot find it. This is ridiculous. I have two repeaters. It appears they switched the IMEI numbers and wanted the working one, but I’m still on hold for a technician. Customer service can’t help because they can’t see the IMEI numbers for the boxes.

T-Mobile has filed a fraud report that they stole the device I sent back. I returned a device they asked for back when I told them I was disconnecting service. The T-Mobile Hotspot was very old and it was a joke to me they wanted it back. It's a T-Mobile router to connect to your home internet to improve cell reception via wifi. T-Mobile took receipt of the T-Mobile hotspot on 7/7 and on 8/6 they billed me $289 for a device they have in their possession or an employee lost/stole it. Now I have to file a police report against T-Mobile. Very stupid but necessary in this case. 

Hey anyone had the number for FORT WORTH, TX, US TMO