Trading in iphone 11 to iphone 11 pro

  • 5 July 2020
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So I traded in today an iphone 11 to an iphone 11 pro. Long story short I paid extra for the phone like $290 today then the monthly right. So after trading in I drove home right away because I only live 10min away. I didn’t check the phone til I got home. I went to the balcony and as I examine the phone I noticed a slight scratch on the screen and I was surprised. I only have this phone for less that an hour prob 30min and saw a scratch on the screen! I only used it for gps and put it in my bag. (Mind you there was nothing else in my bag but the box that came with it). I called the t mobile store I went to and I told them about it but they said there were no scratch when they took it out from the box. I’m just stressing out because I also didn’t purchase a protection 360 for the phone. They advised me to come back the next day so they could check. I was thinking that the phone might’ve been a refurbished! Also what’s weird is when I checked the accessories in the box there was a random sim card! Like what is going on? And what should I do? I even called t mobile customer service twice, they advised me that I could go back to the store I purchased it and get it replaced. I’m just stressing out and was disappointed I paid almost $300 for an upgrade but got a scratched one. I just pray that they’ll replace it tomorrow.  Pls Help

2 replies

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If they won't replace it you do have a 14 day remorse period to return the phone but there may be a restocking fee.


I’m worried will it be possible to return it? Btw thanks for your resp