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  • 10 October 2018
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Good afternoon, me and my family bought 5 universal iphones x Max at the Best Buy Rancho Cucamonga California Store. Returning to Brazil we verified that all are blocked, I contacted Apple of Brazil and US and both informed me that only the operator who counted How blocking could perform the UNLOCK. I contacted the Tmobile and the same found that all the iphones were blocked by it but according to the attendant it was necessary that store that sold the iphones contact the Tmobile to inform the number used in the sale and then Unlock. I contacted the store, I talk to the manager almost every day and still no solution has been found. We pay for universal iphones, their should be unlocked, we have all the notes that prove it. We are exactly 12 days with this problem, I ask you please help me, assist us in this case urgently. We need to solve this as soon as Possible.


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Hey, @monalisacouto​!

I'm sure it came as a surprise to see all of your brand new iPhones locked to our network. I'm sorry it has taken over two weeks at this point to get them unlocked. Take a look at this post: Re: Purchased an UNLOCKED iPhone7 from Best Buy, activated it with a T-Mobile Pay-As-You-Go and now has subsidy lock with T-Mobile I recommend getting in contact with T-Force via Facebook or Twitter to get this handled.