Usage data item It's gone from iOS Settings!!

  • 24 March 2019
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Hey all!


Love TMobile!  Usually I check my data usage in iOS Settings since iOS 12 now lets me check data usage and app usage so I can monitor cell data. In iOS Settings, clicking on Cellular always had a menu item between Carrier Services and Cellular Plans which said Usage ... Until today! Also all my app usage stats are cumulative And no longer show current period!. I've attached images... Thanks for any help!

9 replies

I have an XR with latest iOS updates. However nothing changed between yesterday when I last checked data usage and today when I checked again. Just to add if I wasn't clear

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Hey, @magenta8022051​!

I have the XR and initially didn't have the data usage views either but it took a solid 3 minutes to load after I pulled up the Cellular settings. Does the spinning wheel ever load anything for you? Have you tried disconnecting from WiFi? I found it took a lot longer to view the usage details when I was connected to WiFi vs cellular.


Hi, I guess you have T-Mobile service with a regular SIM, not an eSIM.

I have the same issue.


Hi Amanda. I have the exact same problem. This just disappear.

I guess you are misunderstanding the issue here.

In his printscreen (the one on the left), it shows a spinning wheel.

This will open the cellular data for the Current Period, the Current Period Roaming, and the native apps usage, followed by the System Services, and all your apps.

Anyway, this is not what he was talking about !

On the picture on the right, you have the left miniature image showing a section called T-mobile. There, you can see the plan you have, and the usage. I bet this was reported from T-mobile.

This section disappeared...

Actually, I have an iPhone XS, and I don't recall seeing this on it. Maybe right at the beginning, but not after an update.

I had T-Mobile on physical SIM only. Now, I'm having the eSIM, and another carrier on the physical SIM, but this should not change anything.

This particular information just disappeared.

If anyone has an explanation, could be nice....

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Thanks for the clarification, @endeavour1701​!

I still have the menu option shown in the right screenshot.

One thing I'd like to point out though is that I do not have the latest software version installed. I'm currently running on 12.1.4 which may make the difference. Which software versions are you both on?

Hi Amanda,

I was running with 12.1.4 and didn't had the menu.

Actually, when I got my XS, pretty soon after that menu disappeared. Do not remember seeing it on the XS.

I am on 12.2 right now. And still no menu with the actual plan.

I am also with a One Military. Not sure if this affect it or not.

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Well, this is really strange. I'm not seeing anything with the previous version or the current version that says the usage data was removed. If it's not loading after a few minutes, have you tried a back up and restore to see if that fixes the issue?

   I haven't tried this. (backup and restore).

What is also strange, I don't have the option to have calls on other iPhone when in the same network (WiFi).

Function is called : Calls On Other Devices

You can see this option on tmo_amanda screenshot.

But to say, I have 2 cellular plans activated on my phone.

When I enter the cellular plan of T-Mobile, here is what I have :

  • Cellular Plan Label :         T-Mobile   >
  • Turn On This Line :            ON
  • Wi-Fi Calling :                 On >
  • Carrier Services :             >
  • Network Selection :          T-Mobile   >
  • My Number :                     +1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx   >
  • Enable LTE :                    Voice & Data   >
  • SIM PIN :                         >

I am an iPhone user, I found the same issue with my iPhone, my all login data and other iPhone settings which I created manually now its all gone I dont know whats the issue, Still, now it's okk but my icloud setting also gone and when I am trying to log in my icloud there are showing an error message verification failed I don't know how to Fix ICloud Verification Failed. moving T-mobile its the best option for me.

I tried nothing special, and suddenly, the info are back ! Sounds like T-Mobile messed up somewhere for some users and got back on track finally.