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  • 23 December 2016
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I was hoping somebody help me out. I recently switched to T-mibile from Sprint. While with Sprint, I setup my home Macbook for sceen sharing on my IOS devices and did the port forwarding with my router to allow me to VNC on an outside and, often times, Sprint cell network.

I just noticed today that this no longer worked on my cell phone and originally thought that Apple release messed something up or maybe something was messed up with a new version of VNC Viewer since when I'm on my home network everything works great but not when on T-mobile network.

However, today I decided to try it on my work wifi and the VNC connection to my Macbook worked great which means my setup at home is fine and so is the VNC Viewer app. It has to be something with T-mobile. Has anybody gotten this setup successfully so they can VNC with T-mobile network or does anybody know if they block it or something? This is quite a huge deal for me and likely a deal-breaker if T-mibile doesn't allow it.



Best answer by theartiszan 23 December 2016, 22:46

Seems like you are getting an ipv6 address on the phone instead of ipv4. That might be the source of the trouble.  Not sure if you can force ipv4 on the iPhone.

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I use vnc without any issues. But I am using a Windows computer instead. Shouldn't make a difference though. Have you thought of trying chrome remote desktop or team viewer. Both work very well and you don't need to do anything with port forwarding either.

‌Well, that is another element. Micrsoft Remote Desktop app on iPhone to control my Windows PC works fine on T-mobile. Just not VNC to Macbook with VNC Viewer.

I haven't tried chrome but I think I will. I don't like starting up server services on the Macbook since they have a native service but if it works I'll do it.

‌Yeah, chrome remote desktop isn't working on T-mobile with the Macbook either.

Sounds like there is something that is filtering requests while you are on the T-Mobile network.  I use chrome remote all the time while on the T-Mobile network without problem.  Can you access your router admin page remotely or any other resource while on T-Mobile.  I would like to see if you can get to the router admin page or if the browser gives you some error.  Who is your home isp? It is possible you got switched to an ip address range on T-Mobile that your isp could be blocking.

I did also just test vnc to my home Windows computer from my phone and didn't have any problems connecting at all either. Must be something getting blocked in the routing when the source address is a T-Mobile address.

‌I haven't tried to reach the router through T-mobile, however, I did put the phone on to be a hotspot and used my ipad to connect to it and then the iPad was able to use the VNC connection. This is something quite strange, maybe some setting in the T-mobile iPhone 7 that I'm missing? I had a Sprint iPhone 7 and didn't have an issue with that.

‌Looks like I cannot try to connect to router through a webpage because it is an Airport Extreme and only manageable with Airport Utility.

Interesting. The ipad over hotspot can use vnc? Try looking up what your ip address on the phone is and then do the same thing on the iPad when using the hotspot.

‌Well, this test was strange. With the iPad connected to the T-mobile hotspot I typed in whatsmyip into Google, which brought up a normal looking IP. I went to and it gave the same IP. When I went to the iPhone on T-mobile I typed whatsmyip into Google and it gave an extremely wonky public IP; 2607:fb90:f4e:5638:9c0f:919e:60eb:c0ad. When I went to it gave a normal IP (much like the iPad IP address number).

Seems like you are getting an ipv6 address on the phone instead of ipv4. That might be the source of the trouble.  Not sure if you can force ipv4 on the iPhone.

‌I was afraid of that. Looks like I need to research switching on the router. Thank you for the suggestions and helping me get to the bottom of it!

‌Yep, that was it. Simply changed a drop-down box on the router, checked a box, then looked up my IP and we are back in business! Further reading suggest that T-mobile switched over to IPV6 for iPhones over the summer. Thank you so much for all the help!

Glad I was able to help and get everything running for you. Have a great holiday.