When are they restocking the Apple Watch (2)?

  • 20 September 2016
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Looks like it's sold out on the website and I actually called in a few local stores but they seem to all be out of stock as well.

5 replies

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The Apple Watch 2 is a super popular device! I don't have an exact date as to when we will be getting more but if you order your device, you will be given an estimated ship date with your order 😊

‌its been now many months is their news of it now for the Series 2? I know the two other major players have gotten a hold of them just middle them month of Apri I am assuming we're getting closer to  perhaps Soon I hope.

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I see what you mean @allenenriquez1985 and that's totally a valid question. I did some digging on this and we don't have an official launch date. So for now, it's still TBD. We'll update our external resources when we have more info. I know folks are anxious and that's completely understandable. We appreciate your patience.

‌tthanks tmo_mike_c it's good to see he quick response! Nike + Variety would be nice to have in store with all the fitness & tracking features since most of us highly appreciated apple series 2 fans are eagerly awaiting. I would have liked to know what's holding production for T-Mobile eventually. I know as a fact T-Mobile puts their software onto it so I  speculate that may be the hold up.


Do you also have an Apple watch?