Why can't I set up Apple Pay to pay my autopay bill?

  • 20 June 2021
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Here is what I have done:

Made the Apple Card my default card in my Apple Pay Wallet

Opened TMobile app on my iphone

Chose  “Bill” from the choices at the bottom of the screen

Scrolled all the way down the screen and chose “Autopay on”

Selected “Payment method”

Checked the Apple Pay check box

Selected “Select payment method”

Selected “agree and submit”

NOW the “Double click to pay” screen comes up expecting me to double click the side button (IS THIS WHAT SHOULD BE HAPPENING?)

When I DO double click the side button, I get a “payment not complete” message at the bottom of the screen and it then changes to another screen which says “Oops, we’re having a little trouble.” This has been happening to me for 3 days now. If I go into my Wallet and look at the Apple card transactions I do see a “pending” 1 cent hold for each time I have attempted this (7 times now). None have changed from a “pending status.” They each do say that I’d get 3% cash back if this had gone through. I then tried all this by merely putting my Apple Card account number as my Tmobile default credit card and it did make a payment and set the Apple Card as my default payment card for my Tmobile auto pay bills,  but that only gave me 1% cash back. Obviously that way isn’t using Apple Pay, but just using its Apple Card. I’d LIKE to get the 3% back and apparently the only way to do this is by using Apple Pay with the Apple Card as its default card.

What am I doing wrong? What’s with this “Oops, we’re having a little trouble” message?

6 replies

I am having the exact same issue. Tried chatting with customer service but they wanted to escalate to technical support and I didn’t have time to talk since I was at work. Let me know if you find any fixes, I’ll do the same.

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So far, no luck. Customer service seems to have no clue.

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Still nothing…

To add to this, I have been in chat with them for 5 days now with a different but related billing issue. Each time it took over 2 hours, and each time I got different responses from the reps, some totally and completely contradicting what I was told by another rep the previous day or days prior. I’ve even had supervisors ASSURE me of things that later turned out to be totally wrong according to the credit card postings from the credit card companies.

I feel awful because I had been very happy with T-Mobile until now. But it seems that no matter how many times I ask for their help, and it’s been close to 8 or 9 times in the past year, I have never once had anything resolved….ever! I’ve had to either live with the issue or find a way on my own to try and resolve it.

Same thing here. getting the 1 cent hold but won’t complete the autopay setup. Seems like it’s not ready for primetime, but I could pay the monthly bill outright with Apple Pay.

That “oops We’re having a little problem” is still there. - 7/17/2021


Same exact issue. I started a chat/convo with customer service but they were not helpful, the person offered to have me input my card info into a form so they could process it themselves (which defeats the purpose of doing this to begin with, since it wouldn’t qualify for 3%).