Why isn't Visual Voicemail reliable under iOS 10?

  • 16 September 2016
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I'm not receiving visual voicemail messages reliably on my iPhone 6S under iOS 10.0.1. Sometimes I don't receive a notification, but the message is in my inbox and there's a badge on the Phone app icon. But sometimes I don't receive a notification because there's no message -- and the message might arrive after a restart.


Is this a problem with T-Mobile or with Apple? I have tried troubleshooting with T-Mobile tech support, to no avail (they say that my accoutn is correctly configured). I do have version 25.1 of the carrier settings file.

10 replies

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No good! 😥 There hasn't been much talk of this happening with the iOS 10 update. I personally haven't had this issue on my iPhone 6 Plus. Have you completed the recent carrier update that just came out today? I'm running 25.2.


Well, we have somewhat different phones, but I just installed the carrier update, which has improved the situation. I tried leaving myself a message. I got a “missed call notification.” Did not get a “new voicemail” notification, but I see that the voicemail is in my voicemail mailbox.

If you leave yourself a voicemail message, do you get two alerts ("missed call" and "new voicemail"), or just one? If your screen is off, does either notification turn on the screen?

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Yes, our phone models are just a tad different which may or may not have an impact on this.

The initial notification says missed call and new voicemail on my homescreen. If I select "Phone", I have a notification under "Recent" and "Voicemail".

No, the notification didn't cause the screen to turn on.

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Hey @thersites‌ 😊 Did you happen to see if your phone is doing the same that Amanda's was?

Yes. I had a trouble ticket filed -- currently, the missed call / voicemail notification is delayed.

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Ahh okay! Yeah, a trouble ticket is going to be the best bet for delayed message notifications like this. Let us know what happens on this if you could.

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Any word back on your trouble ticket?  We are here for you!


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Ahh man 😥 You may want to give us a call again so we can take a look at the status of the ticket for you. If calling is not an option for you, you can also reach out to our social media team T-Force using the Facebook or Twitter links in my signature. They will be able to access your account and see the status of your ticket.

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Hey @thersites‌!  Were you ever able to check up on that ticket?  Are you still having difficulty with these notifications?  Just wanted to touch base and see if you were able to resolve it - we'd love to know the trick if there was one!

- Marissa