why so difficult to intialize / re-initialize service on an apple watch?

  • 18 June 2022
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Why is it so difficult to initialize service on an Apple watch at t-mobile?  Using the watch app, the t-mobile initialization FAILED I had to sit in a chat with t-mobile support for two hours.  C’mon, the watch app probably posts IMEI and eid of the watch, all t-mobile has to do is provide a choice between $5 and $10 service.
My wife’s watch unpaired from her iphone.  When I used the watch app to pair, the paring failed - you guessed it - on the t-mobile step.  T-mobile has known the IMEI, eid, and telephone number for three weeks, re-pairing should be easy.  I’m on _another_ call with support and have spent 45 minutes just communicating basic information.   t-mobile need to fix their integration with the apple watch app.

1 reply


I spent 3 hours on the first Friday support session, support disrupted the cellular on my watch when they tried to pair my wife’s watch with my iphone.
I spent 3 hours on the following Sunday and was able to restore cellular to my wife’s watch
On Thursday (today) I noticed that my watch didn’t have cellular, and it was restored after 90 minute session
I also just noticed that my wife’s watch is “not connected” to cellular, I’m back in a tmobile chat.