Why the long it only me?

  • 9 January 2022
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So I ordered a 13mini 128gb in midnight for myself and a 13pro silver 128gb for my kid through the ”holiday promotion” around the 2nd week in December. 

I was told that they would both arrive sometime the 2nd week in Jan. OK it’s the holidays I get the delay. To my surprise I received an email just b4 Christmas that the 13mini phone had shipped and I actually received it just after Christmas....yippee!!

However I also received an email a few days after my 13mini arrived that the 13pro would not arrive until the @2nd week of Feb...What February!!! Oh Boy……Its annoying and I’m sure it would annoy anyone. You should not have to wait 2 months for a purchase!

I was on the Apple site and I can get the same phone delivered to my home in 48hrs! i Know it’s the Apple site and I understand the logistics and supply issues that come along with the Holidays and the Holiday promotions but waiting 2 months is unacceptable from a consumers point.

T-Moble please send me my phone please.

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