WiFi calling has stopped working on iPhone 7

I've been having problems with my WiFi calling on my iPhone 7. Since changing my home's WiFi password about 3-4 months ago, my WiFi calling has stopped working. I've contacted customer service, Apple tech support, switched to airplane mode, done a factory reset, network reset, made sure my E911 address is updated, checked my home's internet connection. Nothing has worked. I have even contacted my home's internet provider and reset the connection with no positive result. Because of this, I can't use the WiFi connection on my phone and have spotty service online without it. The WiFi calling only works when I'm not at home. Is there anything else I can do to get it to work? It's not a game changer for me, I love my service otherwise, just more of an annoyance and inconvenience when it comes to downloading or installing updates to my phone while I'm home.

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Welcome to our Support Community! It sounds like you've done your fair share of troubleshooting. It's interesting to me that it happened after updating your WiFi password. Have you reset your home internet router/modem? Have you tried changing the password again to see if that helps? If you run your phone in "WiFi only" mode, does it still refuse to connect to your home network?

I have tried resetting the password again and resetting the home modem. It

won’t connect to WiFi calling no matter what I do

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Just wanted to check in on the questions above by Amanda. 😊


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This is a tough one cause we know its not the device or the T-Mobile WiFi calling infrastructure since it works when you are on a different WiFi connection. The common denominator here is your home network. Since you have already spoken with your ISP and reset your home network devices, I am honestly at a loss. Now, if it were connecting to WiFi calling and there were issues with the calls, we could dive deeper into the internet connection being the issue. 

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You still having any trouble with Wi-Fi calling?

We actually just switched from Netgear n450 to a Meshworks mesh wifi and my wife's iPhone 7 and my pixel 3 are having issues. Sometimes it will show wifi calling but mostly not and the iPhone calls almost always go straight to VM. Any ideas?btw, I can usually call between the phones when in the same room.

ya totaly agree with you there sir.. thanks for sharing this