"wifi" has greyed out on iphone

  • 15 July 2020
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hi all,

I have an iphone 8 plus. The wifi has greyed out. I tried so many different ways to fix it- no luck. I called t-mobile, the rep told me to call Apple.

Would this my last option? to call Apple for help?



7 replies

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Is it a Tmobile branded iPhone? If it isn’t that probably why they told you to contact Apple.


Hi gramps28,

I bought this iPhone from T-Mobile store. So I guess I have to call Apple then?


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If you bought it from Tmobile they should help you.

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If you have tried a factory reset and it is still greyed out.  It is more than likely a hardware issue.  Does your Bluetooth work?  They are actually from the same module. 


Hello Syaoran and gramps28,

Bluetooth,  WiFi-calling, cellular data are enable. But no WiFi. 
I can still access with my cellular data.


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either way its something apple would need to look into or a repair store. functionality of a built in part or ability would be on the manufacturer..heck their site itself might even have a mention of this happening in their forums.

If going to settings>general>reset>reset all settings does not work, make a full backup using your iTunes computer by connecting with a USB cord. Then restore to factory settings and set up as new.