Will replacing SE 1st Gen iPhone with iPhone 12 (or 13) alter my plan?

  • 30 December 2021
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We have been on the same plan since T-Mobile accepted iPhones onto the network.

My wife has an iPhone 11 (4G LTE). I have an iPhone SE First Generation (4G LTE)

Will replacing my SE (4G LTE) with a 5G iPhone (12 or 13) have any impact on our plan?

4 replies


I think this is the answer.

My old iPhone 1st Gen SE uses a nano SIM.

New iPhones 12 & 13 use the same nano SIM.

Assuming plans are tied to SIMs and not hardware, a newer phone (12 or 13) should have no impact on my plan.

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it shouldnt unless you are trying to get a certain promo. also keep in mind that if it gets upgraded it’ll need a different sim card that will allow it to use 5G..shouldnt be to different compared to Android devices when it comes to non 5G and 5G devices..different sim also needed for them.

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@fireguy_6364 sums it up pretty well. There are sometimes that customers unwittingly accept a plan change in order to take advantage of a promotion and later are surprised by the change in their bill. However, in order to change phones, it’s just a matter of swapping the SIM and running the phone swap app. I recently helped my brother move from his old iPhone 6 to his wife’s iPhone 11 after she got a new phone. I did a reset on the 11, installed his SIM then ran the setup routine on the 11. The hardest part was getting my brother to find where he’d written down his passwords. Total time was about an hour.

If your phones aren’t SIM unlocked, I recommend doing that ASAP.


Thanks for the replies. Its was helpful. I ended up replacing the SE with a 13. I moved the SIM from one to the other and restored data from a backup. Other than some minor tweaking I didn’t do anything and it seems to be working. I didn’t run any setup routine (AFAIK) and I didn’t replace the SIM. At first there was no 5G, but that seems to be due to spotty coverage--once I traveled some distance, the phone indicated I was on 5G.