Will the iPhone 7 Plus support 4x4 MIMO?

  • 2 November 2016
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Does the device have the hardware capable to support this?

3 replies

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Friend of mine from Qualcomm told me. The iphone and the V20 do not support 4x4 MIMO. They do support 256. They are simply missing the required antennas. I am trying to see if he can legally share documentation to aleviate the he said she said thing. He did say this is based on a 4 month old documentation which could have changed(more than likely not due to release schedule deadlines).

@gregt1‌ I highly doubt the iPhone 7 will get 4x4 MIMO.  It was recently announced that the A1778/A1784 are using the Intel XMM7360 modem. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor with X12 integrated modem, the only solution on the market to support Higher Order MIMO/Modulation. The other iPhone versions The A1660/A1661 works with GSM and CDMA networks, sports a Qualcomm MDM9645M X12 modem chipset and works with Verizon and Sprint in the US.  Now even though the Sprint/Verzion version have the X12 modem since T-Mobile's is the only network that supports 4x4 MIMO I doubt that Apple will support updating the radio to support it since it would be for a network that the model was not desinged for. The word on the street is that Apple which used to soley use Qualcomm radios for one was mad at Qualcomm for supplying Samsung a single processor/radio SOC chip and secondly Intel supplies Apple all their processors for their desktops so with Intel wanting in the modem/radio market Apple let them in on the 2 US models that didn't require CDMA since the Intel chip only supports GSM.

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Hi @gregt1‌!  Great question - we're stoked about 4x4 MIMO‌, too - especially since most of us live in cities where it's already live.  Right now, the S7 and S7 Edge are the only two devices updated to use the technology - although it's our aim for additional equipment to support it, at this time we don't have a list or timeline.  Crossing my fingers that your iPhone (which coincidentally is the phone used by several of my colleagues) is one of those that can take advantage!

- Marissa