Does anyone know of a class action lawsuit we can be a party to.

  • 22 May 2024
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I can’t imagine more ways TMobile could rip us off and yet it continues. We went to TMobile to save money and because their sales and support staff are dishonest, probably because none of the employees really knows any rules, we ended up paying thousands more. Our bill was never the samr two months in a row. It changed and increased every month. 

We were promised a lot that was not at all true and ended up paying so much more. Even with paying off the phones to take them to another cell company, we had this 4 month old phone which was over $1,200. and was useless because TMobile has it designed to only be adaptable to one of their new SIM cards. Of course, we had to buy another phone to replace the junk we got from TMobile. It was never disclosed that the phone SIM card design was exclusive to TMobile. We were able to purchase the identical phone from another company for an additional $900. We were promised many benefits with the plan we signed on for and a smaller phone bill. In the end, we were paying more for our phones  service alone than our service with internet at Spectrum. I have several more items they lied about that I can continue to mention but I would be typing for quite a while. 

Bottom Line, they lie and end up taking so much more money than you ever anticipated. Oh, and they mention the phone calls are being recorded. It is a lie because I asked for the recording from past conversations so I could endorse the dishonesty they were trying to push on me. 

Liars, thieves, dishonest, undependable and so many more nasty descriptions could only pertain to TMobile


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