• 28 June 2024
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I AM SO FURIOUS WITH BEING RIPPED OFF AND LIED TO AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! Call every bill cycle and it never gets corrected!!! I traded in my iPhone for a free iPhone.  Nothing was ever said about getting only so much for my phone. Free is free. The store manager scammed me and the reps continue to lie to me. They promise to credit me and it doesn’t happen. I CANNOT BELIEVE A BUSINESS LIES TO CUSTOMERS!! Disgusting!!! 

1 reply

Same thing happened to me! Had two older iphones paid off. Walked in to see about their iPhone 15 promotion last year. Was told if you upgrade your plan you get credit for your old phones, the iPhone 15’s would be free with the 5g plan upgrade, and my new monthly bill would go from $117 to $130 after the credits expired and would not go up after that. I’m now being charged over $1k for two phones, my monthly bill is almost $160. I pay almost $70 a month for the 2 phones they told me were free. Contacted t-mobile directly to see if they could help…they couldn’t. Looking at their past reviews I see I’m not the only one who got scammed.