Free phone upgrade possible with Perpaid?

  • 7 April 2022
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I’ve been with T-mobile for a long time and with the prepaid for 9 or 10 years now. I’m getting text saying I need to upgrade my phone because of 5G. Went to my local T-Mobile waited an hour and was told I need to come here to the site to see if I can get the free phone upgrade just because I’m on  prepaid plan. Things have been pretty hard and  I don't have money to upgrade anything. So does that mean I just lose my phone service  at the start of July? That would really suck I have so many health problems I talk to my doctors the most. Hoping someone can answer my question.

5 replies

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4G LTE isn’t going anywhere any time soon.  As long as your device supports 4G LTE and VoLTE for the T-Mobile network, your device is fine.


I had text telling me I could trade in my 3g phone for a OnePlus Nord N200 5G for free.  I confirmed eligibility with chat.  Chat told me to go to store.  Store said they could not do trade in.  I showed them the text and the chat and made no difference.  Store said there was no one they could call to fix problem and I’d have do trade in online.  The text and chat specifically said go to store.

Amazing, store has no one at tmobile they can call to fix problems.

Now chat is telling me they can’t help with pre-paid.  Funny, they could on Sunday.



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I received text message that my 3G phone won’t work past July 1.

I received email stating I would get a free 5G phone.

Called 611 and they said go to T-Mobile store. I have Legacy Prepaid Account.

Details for Prepaid 3G to 5G phone upgrade are in

 T-mobile store couldn’t help me.




That is the upgrade that was texted to me by tmobile on 4-1.   

On direction from tmobile customer service I went to store on 4th and 13th. On 4th store was clueless (see earlier note).  On 13th they managed to call 611.  After 20 minutes or so on the phone they figured out there was a promo code and it wasn’t active till the 14th.  There is nothing on the web page that says promo code or the 14th.  They were unable to give me the phone despite me being there by their CS  instructions.

I went back on the 15th.  I was finally able to get the phone.  Store manager had to enter the promo code.  I thought for sure they were going to stick me with “service charges” or something.  But no, phone was completely free.  Just 6+ hours of my time wasted.


I’m very pleased with phone so far.  But what a nightmare.  How can the tmbile CS not know the details of the upgrade plan?  How can the web page not show the correct starting date?  How can they not fix their mistake and instead expect customer to return to the store 2 times?


I would have dropped the service if I’d had the time to find an equivalent plan elsewhere.  Competent companies don’t expect their customers to suffer from their mistakes.  They fix their errors promptly.  I should never have been asked to come back the 2nd and 3rd time.  I should never have been told to go to the store twice before the offer was valid.


A call to the store “might” be able to confirm you can get the phone.  Calls before my 1st and 2nd visits  they would not confirm anything.  Call before 3rd visit the manager did confirm on the phone.  At the very least confirm the phone is in the store.


Good luck all.


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I received the 3G shutdown message and offer for FREE One Plus Nord N2000 5G phone.

Went to T-Mobile store and they knew nothing about this offer.  They could give me a FREE phone with 24month Magenta Max contract.

Went home and called 611. They knew nothing about the One Plus offer but sent me an email stating I could get a FREE phone due to 3G shutdown.

Went to T-Mobile store and showed the email. I could get a REVVL V+5G phone but needed to pay taxes and setup charges.  I didn’t have the $50 needed to pay for the FREE phone.

Went home and called 611. Reps still didn’t know anything about the FREE One Plus Phone.

Went back to T-Mobile store, again showed them my text message to 3 reps and they were clueless. Another manager in the store that had some idea of this offer and called somebody. After a half hour of talking on the phone, the manager was able to process the offer.

I was handed a FREE One Plus Nord N200 5G phone. Totally Free. I didn’t sign anything.

I was required to turn in my old bar phone with the IMEI specified in the message.

I have T-Mobile Legacy Prepaid (Gold Star) voice and text only account. I am 72 years old.

I don’t know why they gave me such a big, fancy, expensive smartphone that I can’t use.

I need to trade it for a basic Senior phone.

This is a great promo ( that nobody knows anything about.

Lots of old poor people are being forced to upgrade their phones shouldn’t be required to jump through so many hoops.  Many of us have problems getting to the T-Mobile store.

We need these phones for emergencies and the prospect of being cut off scares us.

Why can’t T-Mobile just mail us a replacement phone like ATT?