• 22 August 2023
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HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE/HORRIBLE COMPANY I have been fighting with TMoblie since January about an illegal account that their store manager (who has since been fired) set up In November because it was the only way she could figure out how to handle my free upgrade. The new account was supposedly a "place holder" of 4 lines for my current 4 lines to merge over to. Unfortunately the "merge" never happened and TMobile began to not only continue charging me for my existing 4 line account but began charging me 4 line "place holder" account. After 5 months of arguing with them, (100s of hours in person, chat, phone etc.) I was finally advised by my bank to close the cc account as the only way to stop them from continuing the monthly charges. They still owe me over $1000 for payments on the "place holder account" and are now billing ME for $1400+ ADDITIONAL fees as they said I owe them money on the "place holder" and for the phone because the upgrade was tied to that same account! HUGE company who could care less about their customers all over an upgrade that they give out regularly when every new model gets released!!! Today (after 8 months of this) Customer Retention called me all cheery and when I told them it was a little late and too early for me to get into the entire mess for the 100th time she said, "Ok sorry to open a wound, I hope you have a great rest of your day!" The last person I spoke to, supposedly the highest level of phone support, not only said there was nothing they could do because maybe I was just trying to get a free upgrade, that they would be shutting off my phone soon if I didn't pay them the $1400+, and that should I continue to reach out to them to try and resolve this, they would also put me on written communications only customer list!!!!! 

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