Legacy Pay As You Go Mysterious Random Outgoing SMS Messaging Charges

  • 23 May 2024
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I am one of those who still have the legacy Pay As You Go.  It is not my primary number but I keep it since I like the number.  So, I almost never use it.  I keep about $10 in it.

Today I was trying to make a phone call and it said I did not have enough money.  I checked my account and it was at 0 balance. 

If I look under Line Details → View Your Usage, it says “No records found.”  I left the Billing Cycle filter out.

However, at one point, I got to the Transaction History screen (can’t find my way back now), it had a bunch of “DomesticUsage”, Outgoing, Usage Type: Message charges.  It seems they are on random days and most were 0.10.

The online rep:

  1. said that this meant I sent texts on those days
  2. said they did not keep records on which numbers the texts were sent to
  3. would not believe me when I told her I did not
  4. tried to sell me a monthly plan 😂

It seems others might have this problem too: and I have had an episode with them a few years ago that made me not trust their billing system.

I ended up asking the Rep to disable incoming and outgoing texts and put more money in.  Beware!


1 reply


I want to follow up on this...I put $5 and it is all gone again.  Something is definitely wrong with their system.  I am trying to resolve this with T-Mobile.  If not, this bogus charge thing definitely need to be escalated to the FCC.