Need to change account to my name due to upcoming divorce

  • 14 September 2023
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My wife and I share a T-mobile account. On that account, there are also devices for my two kids and my mother in law. The T-mobile account is currently in my wife’s name. However, I’ve been the only one actually paying the bill. 

I called customer care a few weeks ago and started a conversation about this. I told them that I’d like to stay with T-mobile but I’d need to get my portion of the bill in my name. They told me that a credit check would have to be run (which is fine). 

My question is: Once I get my portion in my name, can I also take on some of the other accounts such as the kids and my mother in law which are currently in her name? The objective here is to leave her with her portion of the bill to pay herself.

1 reply

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The primary account holder needs to do a COR and decides where the lines go.