Refilling prepaid mobile hotspot

How do I refill (add a data pass to) my prepaid mobile hotspot?

When I login and select my device I am never given an option to add more data to my prepaid mobile hotspot no matter what option I select, all the screens have changed from just a month ago and now nothing works.

First screen I see when I login. I did nothing on 3/21/2019 so I don't know what that means under "Your Plans". What is a "Simple Plan"?

If I select "Check out more plans" I see this, with no way to select a plan or add a data pass. My only option is "Cancel".

If I select "Change Plan" I see this, with no way to select a plan or add a data pass. My only option is "Cancel".

All previous purchases show as "On-Demand Pass".

The whole process of adding data to my prepaid mobile hotspot has completely changed and become impossible to complete!

What in the world is happening at T-Mobile?

Is it time to switch providers?


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To make things more interesting, under "manage account", if I select "View you line(s)"...

...I get this blank page!

These instructions are not correct, no such options exist.

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Weeeell. Hm.

My resource would be what you posted, but you've already proven there's an issue there. I'm going to go ahead and take your screenshots and do some sharing with our partner teams and see what we can find out!


I can't even figure out how you got this far!  All my instructions, for years, re managing my hotspot account and buying data passes have directed me to mim.t-mobile. For the past week, that site has been down. It "times out" and can't be reached whether I go through a T-mobile portal or type the address directly into my browser. There have been so-called "glitches"on this site for months, but at least it was there! Now, how am I supposed to manage my account? I had no problem ADDING FUNDS a couple of weeks ago, but now T-Mobile doesn't seem to want me to be able to USE those funds!

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Hey @1atwitsend

I am so sorry you are having issues with the site. Please give us a call when you have a moment so we can get a support ticket opened up for you.

Yes, lots of trouble for at least 6 months now, sometimes it works fine, then maybe 1 out of 20 tries will be successful, then suddenly it seems to be working everything has changed. I really don't want to spend hours on the phone, on hold. Maybe I will try one of the stores near me...or...just switch to a different carrier.

I am so glad to find this post! I am having the exact same problem and the same pages "to nowhere" come up! What is going on? Does T-Mobile want to provide this service or not? Why is it so hard to purchase data for a pay-as-you-go mobile hotspot? To make it worse, you can't predict when the system will work or not or even what website you'll need to log-in to in order to manage your account. The webpage is completely different and no head's up of a change was even given.

Can someone please help and can T-mobile be at least a little more customer friendly to people who are trying to give you money?


I have the exact same problem. It is simply beyond me how T-Mobile can fail so miserably at providing a simple online service to refill a prepaid account.

Right now I have spent more than an hour struggling with this P.O.S site, just trying to refill some data. It sure looks like T-Mobile really must hate its prepaid customers.

Well, suddenly everything started working again...for a few weeks.

Now I make it all the way to the end of the process and I get this error.

Very frustrating!!!!!

Sadly enough, in June 2019: same problem as you, I had to call their phone support...

Well now (summer 2019) NOTHING works!!!!!!!

I log-in and then nothing else happens no matter what part of the screen I click. My only option is to log-out.

Click the red text and usually nothing happens...

...but sometimes you will get an error.

Even from the support page... may get this error when you click "Log in with your T-Mobile ID"

How do they stay in business when the website NEVER works??????

I have not been able to find a order page to add time/data to my hot spot device for probably close to two years now and have called T-Mobile many times with no resolution.  Even the local store rep tells me how poor the prepaid customer service is.  I used to be able to take the following easy steps to get to an order page: 1) turn on my hot spot device, 2) connect to the wireless signal, 3) open internet browser, 4) ConnectMe web page loads with "get started" button, 4) click the aforementioned button.  Nowadays when the button is clicked the browser times out instead of taking me to the T-Mobile order web page.  Searching the T-Mobile website leads to dead ends.  The only choice is to call T-Mobile or go to a store to buy data.  I unfortunately ran into this issue at Christmas time when I was wanting to buy data for streaming Christmas music but T-Mobile was gone for the holiday.  Every time I call T-Mobile I am told the issue is being worked on.  Seems there really is no plan to ever fix the issue.  Strange, disappointing, and time consuming.

same problem here...still no solution?? Really?

Is an update available for us on fixing the problems with online ordering of the data passes for our hotspots?  I tried again the other day.  Nothing seems to have changed.  The same website errors and dead ends remain.  The website should at least be updated to remove these and tell people what options there are.  Can anyone provide better hot spot alternatives?

Hi @brad1 and all other prepaid mobile hotspot users,

It's clear that we have been left behind but here is what I have found that may be a workable solution. The only way left to refill and activate these prepaid hotspots is by phone. You will have to call T-Mobile's auto-phone service at 1-877-778-2106 or 1-877-720-5195. You will need to know your hotspot device's phone number and your personal passcode that should have been set up when you bought the device. The auto service will allow you to:

1. Add funds to your T-mobile account using a credit or debit card (or prepay T-Mobile refill card, if you can still find/purchase one at a store); and,

2. Once you add sufficient funds to your account, it will allow you to select and purchase the On Demand Data Pass plan option for your mobile hotspot.

I have no idea how long the T-mobile phone auto refill service will last. All I can say is try it for as long as it exists. That computerized lady voice is all that is left.

Also, I learned recently, the hard way, that you can no longer call T-mobile using a Sprint phone as it will automatically send you to Sprint, who recently purchased T-mobile. Sprint tried to help but simply had no idea what to do with this T-mobile hotspot device. They eventually tried to forward me to T-Mobile but that failed multiple times with a dropped call.

Good Luck!

Thank you magenta7210595.   Sorry for my delay replying.  I thought I was going to receive a notice if anyone replied to my post, but I did not.

Do you know how to check how much data has been used from a purchased data pass?  I thought I had a webpage bookmarked for this, but I think that web page is gone.



To my knowledge there is no way to check data used on an active pass. I don't think the phone service provides that info but if I find out different I will update this response.

You are correct that we used to be able to log-in and get updated information via the website but that method just takes you to a dead-end webpage that does nothing. It also used to be true that we got immediate notifications via email when activating a pass and when the pass was approaching certain benchmarks in data used/expended. That no longer works either. Oh well....



Hi Fred,

I actually received your reply in my e-mail this time!  How nice!  However, the message said I could reply to it straight from my e-mail, but my reply bounced back.  Thank you for your reply.  I surprisingly ran out of 7GB of data in about 4 days (never had that happen anywhere so fast before with the same type of usage; odd) and I never received any e-mails about my purchase or reaching 80% and 100% of the high speed data like I always have.  Further, the slower speed I got after that was fast enough to be somewhat useful whereas in the more recent past I could not get any web page to load.  The only thing consistent with T-Mobile is there inconsistencies and worsening service!  Maybe I should look into going back to Verizon.

The phone system today rattled off usage numbers but it was too fast and unexpected for me to make sense out of it.  Regardless, it said I was out of high speed data and needed to purchase more.  Hopefully it lasts longer this time as $50 every 4 days or so is not acceptable.  Maybe all my connected devices were running updates.  I am surprised data rates have not gone down.

When I go to my hot spot admin webpage interface there are SMS messages from T-Mobile, however even ones from today refer to webpages ( and that do not work and surveys from T-Mobile asking for my feedback cannot be replied to, as the messages fail to send.  If it wasn't frustrating it would be comical!  T-Mobile is an April fool year around!



I hadn't used the hotspot since early April. I  have questioned whether the data usage rate was accurate myself in the last few months. I thought it seemed to drain too fast also. I typically only use the hotspot when traveling out of town so I'm not on it regularly and I haven't traveled much during the Covid-19 outbreak.

I'm trying to see if there are alternatives but there doesn't seem to be many choices for hotspots anymore. Some plans allow you to use your mobile phone as a hotspot but not all plans allow this option even if the phone is capable. This is probably the last days for this service.