t mobile bill keeps increasing for no reason

  • 16 July 2023
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I have joined T mobile in 2019 and have 12 voice lines plus one home internet on my account. Every month there is a different charge on the plan for no reason. I don’t make any changes to my account apart from adding a new line once in many months. But there are extra charges every single month. It’s become so annoying, I’ll have to call the representatives every month and explain. All they do is convince me for the extra charges with reasons that don’t even make sense, instead of the removing those extra charges. For example, if I have 90$ extra charge on the plan, they give me 30$ courtesy credit and tell me I should feel happy at least they’re giving that. Like, what the hell is that? Are they doing charity. I need my money back. I’m not begging t mobile to give me money. They’re not doing favor to me. They’re instead insulting. What’s the use of recording calls when nobody even revisits them? I am so done!!!

6 replies

I have only one line as I am a retired senior and I have the exact same problem the charges are never the same twice I'm going to go back and maybe add up all of the charges for the year and then see how they divide out over 12 months


Have you tried making sense of what they tell you?

I have to agree not sure if it’s all these extra features being added on but not at all happy with my phone bill lately. At one point my bills were so reasonable it’s the main reason I switched to T-mobile from Metro but I only have one line and not sure if they have a plan that suits me anymore. My bill was $55 when I joined I purchased a phone on the lease plan and it shot my bill sky high so I paid it off on the second month and literally only ten dollars went off my bill then it raised again. All the plans are raised and I’m just not happy with the amount I am paying for this one line. Let’s go t-mobile get it right you won my business by being one of the companies that was beneficial to me and my finances when I find myself writing a review about the prices that means something needs to be fixed. Competition is to convenient to be paying over $100 dollars for one line.   

I’ve had internet services threw T-Mobile for years well my girls need their first phones and they were getting older so I got them each one When I got my phone service threw T-Mobile I was told my bill for 3 phones and Wi-Fi would be 190 basically I got 2 phones and one free line then first bill came 380! Well they say it's for the first time bill okay whatever paid that then ever since then each month my payment has been over 300 every month I'm having to call a supervisor to fix my plan and it seems to be pushed more and more for my payments for late fees reactivated service etc. I shouldn't have to pay no more than what I was told to pay I agreed for the 5 Th time to pay 240 and her I am waking up and my phone has been suspended due to nonpayment? After I just paid 240! I'm having to make a payment play arrangement to even get my phone back on I don't have the time to always call and worry about a phone bill I've already paid I'm a single mom of 3 girls I can't keep doing this well I bought my girls iPhone threw T-Mobile now I'm stuck with them till I pay off their phones it's ridiculous corporate needs to address these issues before they start losing more customers! I’ve loved this company I thought I’d be okay with my cell phone service threw them but each month with no changes to my account I keep getting a higher bill each month my bill now says I owe 551.83!!!! Like what! Very disappointed T-Mobile 


Did you sign up for auto-pay? That might help. Get the price you expect then sign up for auto-pay.

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@Prash 12 lines is a lot of lines. Are you keeping track of what they are all doing? Are the accounts locked down so that they can’t add stuff, buy phones and accessories or make international calls?  Once you’ve assured yourself of this, I would generate a form letter that disputes charges on your bill, line by line, and just send T-Mobile a letter each month disputing the bill. The company hates doing business this way. It will probably prompt them to either fix the problem or fire you as a customer.