T-Mobile Prepaid Phones - Tax Amount Increased!

  • 27 March 2018
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I refilled my T-Mobile prepaid (pay as you go - legacy) phone.  I added $10 to my phone account which gives me an additional 35 minutes added which will expire in one year for gold members.  I used to only pay the NYS tax (8.875%), therefore on a $10 refill, you would think the total with tax should've been $10.89.  Something changed, I was charged an additional $1.20, making the tax amount $2.09.  The total refill amount paid was $12.09.  I had to find out why.

After being bounced around by 5 different T-Mobile reps, I managed to speak with a payment supervisor (in U.S.), she (Katie) indicated that there were two additional "flat rate" charges (included in tax) which were added effective 12/1/17.  They are as follows:  PSCS STATE = $0.90 & LOCAL PREPAID WIRELESS = $.30 .

Has anyone else experienced this change in their prepaid tax amount recently?  Where is this stated with the amounts listed above on the website?  I don't like to be surprised, they should've highlighted all charges up front and not lump under "TAX" without supporting details.


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Hey there and thanks for posting. With local and state taxes not being a fixed cost, we don't have a master list you can reference of what they'll be and if/when they'll change. Sorry to hear you were surprised by the change, but tax changes are controlled by your state's government.

I had the same thing happen to me a couple of months ago. With those added FEES, taxes are like 20%. The way to avoid these fees is just buying refill cards and redeeming them on your account. You can find them with retailers online and some drug store chains.

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I live in Illinois. Since last September 2017 I have purchased 3 $10 cards from a T-Mobile store and 2 from the app. I was charged 90 cents for IL tax. No other tax. It has been hard to find the T-Mobile Refill cards in either Walmart or Walgreens where I live. Walmart may sell them online, but no physical refill cards in either Rantoul, Champaign, or Urbana, IL stores. I noticed yesterday I can use my T-Mobile account to purchase a refill amount with my credit card. Well, at least yesterday I could. 

Yeah I noticed this too via an online refill too.
I thought at first it was "Washington State" sales tax, since their headquarters are located there I think.

But you're answer is very thorough, thank you for posting.

Too bad about the extra charges though.

I also had paid an extra $2 for a $10 refill, so I stopped refilling through them. But you should be HAPPY that you get automatic 1 year extension for being a Gold Rewards Legacy member and refilling $10. I have been Gold Rewards (Legacy) member since day 1 for over 10 years, but just today the CSR told me I must refill $100 or I only get 3 months extension for a $10 refill. It's a hit and miss with T-Mobile. After I told her that I am Gold Rewards member ever since … then a long talk later she did me a favor by putting me on hold in complete silence for a few minutes and came back on the line to tell me that she had noted on my account that I could call back and get 1 year extension for $10 refill, BUT I must talk to an agent for it. I should be able to refill with $10 for 1 year expiration through automated system. I thanked her for the help, but I also believed lots of T-Mobile agents are not trained right. All the extra stress really shouldn't be because I ran through all these what-ifs with the CSR when I opened the account and I was assured that there would be no problems if I became a Gold Rewards member right away. So, there, you should be happy you didn't have to pay more.