Unknown backend error message!

  • 10 May 2024
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I am having the  Unknown backend error message when trying to make a payment from may 1, 2024. I have use auto-payment for years. The system did not take the payment. I cannot make the payment online. T mobile customer support cannot take the payment over the phone. The IVR system cannot take the payment. Their customer service send me to the local store. The local store called their support cause they couldn’t help. The store support couldn’t help the store manage, to  help me because the store employees and manager couldn’t be verified by “their support”. This is a mess!  They treat prepaid like second class citizens.  Their post paid service is not better either. I was about to change from pre-paid to post paid and realized they are even worse!  I was promised a call back, and t mobile broke their promise by no calling back. Very disappointing! 

After 20 years being with TMobile.. is time to say goodbye and move with a better company. 

6 replies

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Have you tried buying a Tmobile prepaid gift card which can be purchased at most grocery stores?


I don’t trust gifts cards from most grocery stores! Have you noticed all the gift cards scams lately and then company’s don’t want to be responsible? It’s been almost two weeks and the system keeps giving errors. This is not ok, unacceptable! 

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I've never been scammed with a gift card purchased through a grocery store.

I have been having the same issue. I’ve called T-Mobile 2x and both times they have told me they were handling it and first time was 12-24 hours then 48-72 going on over 72 hours going to call again tomorrow and waste two more hours of my time for the problem to stay the same. Zero urgency, zero follow up. visible is looking good right now…they have until tomorrow. I have been a customer for over 15 years…. 


please folllow up with resolution 

I've been having this exact issue and it's been four days with no resolution...

Update: I called T-Mobile customer service again and this agent said she has to use a different "tool" to process the payment over the phone and that there would be an additional $5 customer support charge.

I agreed and she used the "tool" (that's what she kept referring to it as) and the payment was processed and my account is Paid up and running. And the backend error has vanished.

She said when she tried to pay it the standard way she got the same backend error so she needed to use the "tool" to push it through.

I hope this was somewhat helpful so you can help steer your T-Mobile agent in the right direction.