T-mobile removing autopay discount for credit cards

  • 28 November 2023
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This is terrible.  I feel discriminated, I do not have a bank account and I am not open to have a debit card at all, I use my available cash for food and medicines only, the rest I pay with credit card, I was offered the discount for enrolling/using my card in autopay and I agreed to that deal years ago, I have not broken my autopay agreement, this should not be taken away. I have had my account for decades and have never been late on any payments, have used my card with no issues. Plus, my credit card gives me insurance on my phones, Is T-Mobile going to give us all free insurance? I am scared to use a bank or any debit card with this hacking technology that we live in now days, it is also known that T-Mobile has had security breaches. This is illegal Please help.  I don't know if the BBB or FCC or FTC or the CFPB can help us.  forcing consumers into making personal financial changes is not acceptable. 

3 replies

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Unfortunately autopay is a choice and can be changed anytime.

That is one of the reasons they are no longer giving credit cards a discount. Since your credit card is offering other benefits is like your double dipping. If you are using a credit card for auto pay you are still exposing your personal information out there so you might consider changing it to a debit card to apply the discount 

I do not understand the difference. I do not send a check or receive a paper bill and receive a email each month that notifies me that my bill is paid and that I’m enrolled in auto-pay but I’m not receiving a discount. If I’m not getting a discount I might as well have them spend the extra money sending me a bill and deal with cashing a check each month.