***CLOSED*** Official T-Mobile Tuesdays Discussion Thread 1/11/2022

  • 11 January 2022
  • 2 replies

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2 replies

How do I block a number on my account from purchasing games?

I cracked the screen on my Samsung Galaxy S5 making it unsalvagable and ordered a replacement on Amazon from a third party reseller.  Received the replacement,  inserted the T-Mobile Sim card and powered up. My phone can call/receive, send/receive texts, access the Internet and connect to my WiFi. 

BUT -  The applications for Samsung and T-Mobile are not on the phone.  It appears this device was an AT&T (shudder 😈) previously.   

How can I get the T-Mobile and Samsung apps on this device?  What happened to all the items I had stored to the cloud?  (Memos, photos)

Sure could use some help.  Thanks.