***CLOSED*** Official T-Mobile Tuesdays Discussion Thread 11/23

  • 23 November 2021
  • 2 replies

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Don’t miss out on your weekly Tuesday gifts!

The week of 11/23/21 includes the following gifts:

  • $3 Dunkin' Card
  • FREE 1-night disc rental
  • 50% off + FREE standard shipping for Mrs. Fields

Take a peek at our current offers​ for more details. Post any questions, comments, and feedback here we’ll all chat about it!

2 replies

What really sucks is when the free Tuesday involves a draw for something like now - Free Z Flip, etc. and you can only play once.  I.e. the following week its the same game to enter and it's not allowed bc it's not one entry per week.  It's one entry ever!  Stupid - why run it multiple weeks then?  Each week should be either an additional entry or an entirely new draw.

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Redbox perks have become just about useless. All the newer DVDs are not eligible for the offer. I actually “wore out” one code trying to get the code to work. I ended up getting a movie I wasn’t really interested in (Boss Baby, Family Business) just to use the code. This makes the Redbox perk almost not worth using.