Peace of Mind

  • 28 November 2022
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Peace of Mind
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Hi all,

Y’all know me as the Community Manager for this site and an employee of T-Mobile. I am also a mom, so I wanted to talk about something that has given me peace of mind when it comes to parenting with technology.

Before I had my son, I always told people that my kids were not getting phones or tablets until they were older and needed it for school or something. When my son was born, he had the chance to play on his cousin’s tablets and before he was a year old, he could navigate the tablet and get to the videos and games he wanted. I knew that I needed to get him a tablet, but I was so worried about him clicking on something that he shouldn’t or buying a bunch of stuff in the app store.

Samsung Kids Mode has been the biggest benefit on my son’s tablet! The Kids Mode setting is like a playpen. He only has access to the applications that I allow. If any of those apps have ads, he can tap on the ad, but it’s blocked so it doesn’t go anywhere or do anything. You have to use a code to get out of Kids Mode, so he can’t exit, but I can if there’s something that needs to be done like updates or settings changes. Kids Mode is on all Samsung products, so if he wants to play with my phone, I can turn it on and not worry about him messing stuff up on there either.

Kids Mode gave me peace of mind when it came to my kiddo getting screen time and now I know that he can play and learn on his tablet without getting into something he shouldn’t be.

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What apps or settings on your devices gave you some peace of mind?

3 replies

It’s super dope 

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Your little ones are adorable, @HeavenM!  

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Your little ones are adorable, @HeavenM!  

haha Those are not my littles :) They are the cutest T-Mobile models ever, though! 😁