Phone Giveaway!

Phone Giveaway!
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***This Giveaway ended as of 8/18/2020***

Scam Shield is here and we’re ecstatic to give folks a new way to protect themselves from scam calls. To sweetin’ things up for Scam Shield app users, we’re giving you the chance to receive a brand new device!



The Giveaway

Protecting yourself from scammers is more important than ever. In 2019 over 58 billion robocalls were made in the US resulting in $10.5 billion dollars lost from victims. T-Mobile is trying to combat this  with Scam Shield. To celebrate this new Un-carrier move, we’re giving away gifts in our Community for those that participate in this giveaway. Read the rules below for more information for your chance to receive a new device!

How it works

  1. Download the Scam Shield app from Google Play or the App Store.
  2. Register for the Community or Sign in with your existing T-Mobile ID.
  3. Reply to this blog with the a screenshot showing the amount of calls the Scam Shield app has blocked.
  4. Five participants will be randomly selected and contacted via Private Message for shipping info.


Five participants that are selected at random will be sent one of items below.

  • Samsung S20 5G
  • Apple iPhone Pro 256 GB
  • $500 Visa Gift Card

Enter now! Show us how many scammers Scam Shield’s blocked for you.

*One entry per person. Only valid entries will have a chance to win. Any entry that does not align with the description above or violates are our Community Terms of Use will be removed and the will not have a chance to win.*


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Because I’ve had the app for a while and didn’t get any scam calls and I don’t want to miss out the raffle

I've been waiting like 3 days , still didn't get any scam calls which probably means the apps working but it still says 0. I don't want to miss out on the giveaway before it ends I rly hope I get some scam calls! 

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Can u enter the raffle even if u don’t get any scam calls?

Yes you can. Please continue to use the Scam Shield app not just for this giveaway, but to continue protecting your phone from scam calls.

I recently got the app and can’t wait for all my calls to be blocked! #tmobilerox


Downloaded scamshield soon after it came out and it’s been a life changer! Best thing T-Mobile has came out with in my 20 years of being a customer🤩🤩


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Thanks to everyone who downloaded the app and participated. This giveaway is now closed and participants have been contacted via Private Message. Check your inbox for a message me and reply back. Thanks again to all of you that joined in on this. Please keep an eye on future content on our Blogs and Updates page!