T-Mobile’s 5G and its Benefits

  • 1 June 2021
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T-Mobile’s 5G and its Benefits
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You may be asking yourself, “Why T-Mobile’s 5G?” That’s an easy answer we’ll cover here so you know how T-Mobile’s 5G benefits you. SPOILER ALERT: You may not know everything you think you know about what you can do with 5G.



How does it work?


The biggest advantage of T-Mobile’s 5G is speed. It works by using High, Mid, and Low band frequencies that have different uses. High-band frequencies give you super-fast speeds in small areas. Mid-band gives you a balance of speeds and distance over a broad area. Low-band waves improve your coverage in buildings so you can stay connected, even indoors. T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network covers over 90% of Americans allowing you to use it across the country. Capacity and range play a huge role in how you use your mobile device and T-Mobile continues to improve the coverage and enhance your experience. T-Mobile nationwide 5G gives you 2X the speeds you get with our LTE and we’re rolling out speeds as fast as Wi-Fi to millions of customers in hundreds of cities across the country, letting you do so much more while you’re home or on the move.


How can I use it?


You can easily take advantage of T-Mobile’s 5G if you have these things.

5G Device- Mobile phone or tablet that has 5G capability built in. We offer devices like this on our 5G phones sales page. You can Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) using the check compatibility for detail.

5G Coverage- Search an address to see T-Mobile’s 5G by using the Coverage Map. Make sure the 5G switch is turned ON.


Pop Quiz


You think you know EVERYTHING about T-Mobile’s 5G huh? Take the quiz below and put that big brain to the test. (No cheating!)

Q: Whose 5G network is nearly 2X the size of AT&T and nearly 4X bigger than Verizon?

A: T-Mobile’s (okay, that was too easy)

Q: How many people are covered with T-Mobile’s 5G?

A: 295 million people are covered!

Q: What is Ultra Capacity 5G?

Ultra Capacity 5G includes dedicated mid- and/or high-band 5G signals.  T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G covers hundreds of cities and millions of people, with more added all the time; see

Q: What is Extended Range 5G?

Extended Range 5G includes dedicated low-band 5G signals.  T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G covers over 90% of Americans; see

Q:  What plan lets me get T-Mobile’s 5G?


Q: Can I put 5G on my phone if it doesn’t have it?

A: All T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile plans get access to T-Mobile’s 5G network at no extra cost.

Q: Do I have to buy 5G before I use it?

A: Nope. Access to T-Mobile’s 5G network is FREE to use at no additional cost with every rate plan.



Some uses may require certain plan or feature; see Speeds as fast as Wi-Fi based on analysis by T-Mobile of Speedtest Intelligence® data from Ookla® U.S. median 5G T-Mobile results compared to mobile wi-fi results from cities with Ultra Capacity 2.5GHz speeds for September - November 2020. 2.5GHz available only in select cities (see Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.

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The question isn’t ‘How many people are covered with 5G?’, but ‘How many people can get T-Mobile service outside of the cities?’.  There are a lot of places where T-Mobile has gone back to the MS-Paint ‘bucketfill’ , and I still get ‘No Service’.  

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That’s a good question. Though we’ve made improvements with the service, we understand that there may be areas we can make more improvements. Essentially, if you’re not getting the coverage in an area but our coverage map says you should, we have ways to bring that to the attention of our engineers with Service Complaints. 

5G does have incredibly fast throughput... it's just worthless for a lot of things because of the INSANELY HIGH PING RATES. 


That's when it works. Lately, my connection is more reliable and even faster if I set it to not use 5g.

I have an iPhone 13.  I have the Magenta 55+ Plan.  I find that my phone does not get data/no internet when it shows 5G.  It works fine when 5G not displayed.  My cellular settings are 5G On, Data Mode Allow More Data on 5G.  What do I need to do to get service when I am in a 5G area?


I await your reply

I get less than 8 mbps on T-mobile 5G using my Iphone 13. WHY?