T-Mobile set to retire myFaves in June

On June 30, we're retiring myFaves.

myFaves, a service launched in 2006, offered unlimited calling to your Fave 5 contacts. Select handsets even had the Fave 5 interface, which made it easy to contact those closest to you.


With our Simple Choice™️ Plan, you now get unlimited calling to all numbers, not just myFaves contacts. The number of customers using myFaves has drastically gone down in the last few years. Therefore, we decided to retire the myFaves service at the end of June.


Still have questions? Read on!


  • Will I be charged to call myFaves contacts?
    T-Mobile has already put a stop to overages! If your plan has limited minutes, messages, and data, you won't be charged overage fees.
  • What happens to the myFaves interface on my phone?
    After the service is retired, the interface will be removed from your phone the next time you turn your phone off. When you turn it back on, the myFaves interface will permanently be removed.
  • Can I still update myFaves contacts through June 30?
    You may notice a message of "pending" on your screen when trying to update your myFaves contacts. The interface no longer accept updates and is being removed from your phone on June 30.
  • Is there anything I can do to get the myFaves interface back on my phone?
    We're glad you liked the interface! Unfortunately, the interface will be removed permanently on June 30.
  • Can I still access myFaves on My T-Mobile?
    myFaves will not be accessible on My T-Mobile.

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