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If you have been with T-Mobile for a long time, then you may remember a little something called MobileLife. It came pre-loaded on almost every phone that we sold wayyyy back in the day. In the early days of smartphones, this widget served as a quick access point for a feed of news, sports, weather, entertainment, and financial updates.

At the time, MobileLife was basically the best thing since sliced bread, all those features in one place for the first time! Well, look how far we have come. With the advent of home screen weather widgets that tell you if it is going to rain within the next 5 minutes and the plethora of update feeds/notifications that are just built-in to the devices straight out of the box, it was time to say farewell to MobileLife in 2014.  It served an additional function for many early-adopters of smartphone technology, though, as a backup point for contacts.  For any hanging on to sturdy equipment over the years past, switching to a new device without the MobileLife feature might be a little disorienting.


Not to worry – today’s equipment line-up offers to sync your contacts for you with very little effort. Devices currently on the market easily back up contacts to your Google account for Android fans, iCloud for Apple aficionados, and Outlook for Windows devotees.  When you reset your equipment or switch to a new device, you’ll simply log in with the same cloud or account information and your contacts will move right over with you, kinda like sorcery.  To be sure you’re following all necessary steps to keep every solitary digit of your friends and family’s numbers (not to mention your favorite take-out joint), simply visit the Contact page in the How Tos for your device where you will find step by step instructions.


What if you switch platforms, you ask?  No problem – you can hop operating systems without losing your contacts (safer than hopping a train).  We’ve got you covered moving either direction between Android and Apple iOS with our T-Mobile Content Transfer App, and additional online help is available for moving from Windows to Android or Apple, or the other way around!


Get to know your iPhone

Posted by tmo_chris Jan 6, 2017

The holiday season has just come to a close, and one of the hottest gifts this year is the new iPhone! If you were lucky enough to receive a shiny new iPhone, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed but there is no need to panic. We've got some pro tips to help you get started, and maybe even master some high-end features.


iPhone Tips

As a new iPhone user, iPhone Tips will be a life saver. Tips comes preloaded on your iPhone and to access it, just tap on the little light bulb app on your home screen. The Tips app is full of helpful little tricks to improve your experience with commonly used apps like iMessage, and even your camera.

  • Featured - This section contains some of the more one-off tips like changing the brightness of your phones flashlight and how to quickly access your camera from the lock screen, which is essential for emergency selfies.
  • Everyday Essentials - Here is where you can find cool little tricks like how to use Siri to finish your homework, or taking a screenshot with your phone.
  • Fantastic Photos - This section of Tips is for features related to your camera and photo gallery. Learn how to bring out your inner artist by adding filters to photos, or setting up albums.
  • Mastering Messages - iMessage is a staple of iOS, and boy is it full of hidden little gems. Check out the Mastering Messages section for fun tips like how to send audio messages and managing group chats.
  • Genius Picks - These are the tips that Apple Geniuses have selected to help you get the most out of your iPhone like managing battery power and using text to speech, so you don't get Cheeto dust on your nice new screen.



Ever lost your phone and wish you had a way to see where you left it? Ever just forgot your phone at home and wished there was a way you could see your contact list to get a number you need? iCloud is the answer to your woes and so much more!

  • Find my iPhone - If you have find my iPhone enabled on your device, you can log into your iCloud account through any computer browser and locate the last place your phone connected to the network. You can even play a sound on your phone in case you left it in the fridge (it happens).
  • Photos - Check out any photos you've taken on your phone that you have backed up to your iCloud photo library, on any device.
  • Contacts - This is super helpful if you lost your phone or just left it at home as you can see all your contact details without having the physical phone in front of you.
  • Calendar - This is a fully functional version of the calendar on your phone. You can check, edit, and add upcoming events so you'll never miss a niece's birthday, no matter how much you might want to.



App Store

Now that you got your new phone, you are most likely wondering how you are going to get your Candy Crush fix or how you are going to let all your Instagram followers know what you ate for dinner. The iOS App Store is going to be your one-stop-shop for everything from games to applications to help with productivity. Check out the App Store and trick out your iPhone with all the most popular apps and games!

  • Top charts - This is where you are going to find the most popular downloads whether they are free, paid, or the top grossing, and where you are going to find all the apps that your friends and family most likely have.
  • Featured - Keep up with the newest apps and get recommendations for you based on what you like. Keep an eye out for the "Free app of the week" as well. Free = awesome!
  • Search - Having trouble finding an app that your friends told you about? Check out the search option to quickly find any app in the store and even see what others have been searching for recently to discover new apps!

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Cell phones ring. Whose phone's smarter?

Playing games, where's my charger?

We're changing the game,

T-Mobile's our name.

The other guys will never understand.


Get help setting up your favorite new holiday toy

Holiday pic 2.png

Whether your new bundle of electronic joy was delivered by Santa or Chad, your local UPS guy, chances are good you'll need some help setting up that brand new phone.


Frosty the snowman will ask you if you're married, but he won't help you move your photos from your old phone to your new one. Bust out the eggnog (just not too much...) and read about all the ways good girls and boys can set up their brand new Android or iPhone.


No matter where you got your phone this holiday, we've got you covered

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A Very StoryCorps Holiday

Posted by tmo_phillip Nov 21, 2016

StoryCorps.pngIt’s that time of year where everything you read starts with the phrase “it’s that time of year”!  Whether you or someone in your family is preparing to build a bespoke tofurkey, stuff a turducken, or narrowly escape setting the garage on fire with a poorly planned deep frying experiment – everywhere, everyone is getting ready to be scolded about having their phone out at the table.


If you have an incredible new camera powerhouse like the LG V20, a tried and true social media photo machine like the latest iOS release, or anything in between – you can actually use your phone for more than taking photos of the feast table this holiday season.  For a novel take on ways to integrate your mobile device with the holiday season, we suggest you break from the tryptophan craziness of your IG feed and download the StoryCorps app.


So, what is StoryCorps?

For those of you not ritually podcasting your way through your commute (more on that in a blog to come), StoryCorps is a 13 year old nonprofit that does just what it sounds like – records stories.  To preserve humanity’s legacy, build a bridge of connections between people across the globe, and “pass wisdom from one generation to the next”, StoryCorps has been recording folks in permanent recording stations and mobile units and archiving their interviews in the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress for over a decade.  Their app, which is a few years old now, allows you to record your very own StoryCorps interviews without making an appointment or traveling to one of these recording stations.

App Store.jpg

Apple App Store

Play Store.jpg

Google Play Store


Record your interview:

  • Connect to Wi-Fi if available (unless you’ve got unlimited data!) and download the app from the Play Store or iTunes.
  • Pick your subject and title your interview!  I’m going with “John Legere’s Slow Cooker Secrets”! 
  • Select some interview questions!  StoryCorps has some awesome suggestions handily listed by category, and also space where you can write your own.  Once you’ve selected your questions, you can hit View my list and then Edit to rearrange the order.
  • Add your participant’s name.
  • Record! You can actually pause during recording, so don’t worry if you need to take a break.
  • When you’re done you can take a photo or upload a photo, add a summary of your discussion, tag it with keywords, and add a location.  These steps are definitely helpful if you plan on…
  • Publishing your interview!  If you don’t want this awesome conversation between yourself and your nearest & dearest (or perhaps your farthest flung-only-see-you-once-a-year) to be shared, don’t sweat it.  You can also simply save the interview to your device.


We’d love to hear more about your holidays!  Keep an eye on our upcoming holiday edition of the Community Showcase to let us know how it went!  Hope you & yours have an awesome time!

Pokemon Blog Image3.jpgSince Pokémon Go launched July 6th, the mobile game has skyrocketed to the top of the app charts, already attracting a record-setting 21 million daily users in the U.S. alone and qualifying as a certifiable global phenomenon.


Before you get out there and catch ‘em all, here are some tips to stay safe and keep your battery going strong.



Safety first!

No, we don't mean making sure you've got a highest CP pocket monster ready to go. Remember, the revive items don't work on you, so be careful out there!

  • Be aware of your surroundings - Sounds simple, right? Well, it is, right up until you stop to catch that critter as you're crossing the street.
  • Don't be a creeper - Public parks are heaven for the 21 million+ new trainers out there, just remember that they do actually close at night.
  • Don't Pokémon and drive - It's tempting to go for that in-game stop while you're driving to work, but your sweet ride isn't worth a couple free items.



Battery saving tips

Okay, so you're ready to set off on an all-day safari. You've stocked up and psyched yourself up to be out there for hours, but will your trusty phone make it? We've got some tips that will help you maximize your battery, and catching potential.

  • Manually adjust screen brightness -This is always a great way to save juice, and can give you hours of extra time to catch 'em all.
  • Capture without using AR Mode - Switch the AR mode off when you're capturing by using the toggle in the upper-right hand corner. While it might not look as cool (or sometimes hilarious), it won't use your camera, and actually makes capturing easier to boot!
  • Turn off your in-app sound - Head to the in-app options and turn off the sounds and music. This can help save battery, and you can still have your app vibrate to tell you about that nearby monster.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi - Chances are there isn't great Wi-Fi out in the tall grass, so save some power by turning it and your Bluetooth off if you don't need them.
  • Get a backup battery or portable power pack - Really looking maximize you catching potential? Bring along a portable power pack, and no, your favorite electric-type critter doesn't count. Don't have one? Go get one for half off this Tuesday!
  • Use the game's power saving mode - This option in the settings actually dims your screen when you put your phone down and is perfect for hatching all of those eggs you have in your inventory!


Pokémon and Pokémon character names are trademarks of Nintendo. T-Mobile is not an associate, affiliate, or licensee of Pokémon/Niantic. We’re just big fans.

T-Mobile and your family

Posted by tmo_toney Jun 22, 2016


OK, everybody knows by now we've got the best Customer Care in the industry. That's because when it comes to what you need from your phone, we refuse to stop listening.


But maybe you care more about your family's needs. We've got that covered, too. Take a look at what we can do for the fam.


Who's using all your data and minutes?

Find out which kid (or, ahem, adult) is using up all the data and minutes you're paying for. You don’t have to go far. In just a few taps you can check your family’s usage with the new T-Mobile app.


Multitasking on the computer? Log in to My T-Mobile and check usage on all lines on your account. You'll need to be the primary account holder to do this, by the way.


Restrict what family members can do

Is someone downloading too many videos or at the wrong time, like when there’s homework to do? Maybe it’s time to put a few limits on what family members can do on their phones by setting Family Allowances online. You can even get alerts when allowances are being reached.


Here is what you can restrict:

  • Calling minutes
  • Data limits
  • Number of messages sent and received
  • Downloads
  • Time-of-day usage
  • Phone numbers you don't want contacted


When on vacation, keep in mind that calls, messages and downloads made while roaming off T-Mobile's network cannot be managed through Family Allowances.


Located family members

Don't know where your teenagers are? Postpaid customers can keep track of their family's whereabouts using the FamilyWhere app. With this app you can:

  • View a map with everyone's location on it
  • Get notifications when a family member visits a new place
  • Send everyone a check-in message


Need another reason to use the app? You can sign up for a free 30-day trial.


Block adult content

Want to keep your family away from adult content? No problem. You can block web page content. Sign up for the free T-Mobile Web Guard service and start feeling better about what your family is viewing.


OK, the word is out: T-Mobile is the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network. Well, guess what else got a lot faster too? The new T-Mobile app! Whether you're on the go or just don't want to get up from the couch, you can manage your T-Mobile account with just a few taps.


Postpaid customers can use the app to do any of the following:


  • Pay your bill:  Have questions about your bill? View and pay your bill with only a few taps. You can even make payment arrangements right from the app.
  • Check your usage:  Check your data, text, and minutes at no charge, even while roaming. If you're the primary account holder, you can also view usage for all lines on your account.
  • Upgrade your services:  Need more minutes? More data? It’s easy from the app.
  • Check your order status: Ordered a new phone or accessory and want to know where it is? Use the app to easily check your order status.
  • Manage Binge On™ for your streaming video:  Turn Binge On off or on to suit your streaming video needs.
  • Find a T-Mobile store:  Need to buy a new phone or accessory right away? Want to talk to a T-Mobile associate in person? Use the app to locate the nearest store.
  • Check device Health:  Run diagnostic and coverage tests to improve performance of your phone, and get useful tips on how to prolong battery life.


Sounds Great! What are the system requirements

To run the new T-Mobile app, you'll need the following:


  • A T-Mobile account and a T-Mobile branded smartphone with the latest software.
  • For Android devices: Ice Cream Sandwich 4 or higher or Gingerbread 2.3 or higher.
  • For Apple devices:Apple OS 8 or higher. iPads are not supported at this time.
  • For Windows Phones: Windows OS 8.1 or higher.


Get it now

Select your device's store to install the new T-Mobile app.






Still have questions? Learn more about how to use the T-Mobile app.

RTS_AskTMO_620x300_Hero_R2_03_400.jpgAnd we can prove it! You may have heard that according to J.D. Power our Customer Care is the best among the wireless carriers. Why? Because no matter what your preference, we’ve got a way to help you without the hassle of calling us up—and faster than you can say "Un-carrier".


Get account information on the My T-Mobile site

Sometimes you need to get a more detailed look at your bill, or you want to find out which joker is using all the data on your plan. Head over to My T-Mobile and see what else you can do—and all without talking to anyone:

  • Control how much data people on your account can use.
  • Locate your phone.
  • Upgrade your phone with exclusive pricing.
  • Report a lost phone.
  • Get Binge On™ and go crazy watching streaming video from participating services without using your data (on qualifying plans).
    Note: Detectable video typically streams at DVD quality (480p or better) with Binge On unless the video provider opts-out. You may disable Binge On at any time, but you will lose Binge On benefits.


Download the new app

Blog_app_itunes_300.pngThe T-Mobile’s app allows you to do almost anything that you can do over the phone or on our T-Mobile support sites. Which is great if you aren't near your computer or don't want to get up from the couch just to check your usage.


And if you like that idea, go here to install it.


Here's what you can do on the app:

  • Pay your bill: We take the headache out of paying your bill by giving you options. Use our fast one-time payment option or enroll in our automatic payment option, AutoPay.
  • Check your usage: Check data, text, and minutes at no charge, even while roaming. If you're the primary account holder, you can also view usage for all lines on the account.
  • Upgrade your services: Need more minutes? More data? It’s easy from the app.
  • Check your order status: Ordered a new phone or accessory and want to know where it is? Use the app to easily check your order status.
  • Manage Binge On™: Turn Binge On off or on to suit your streaming video needs.
  • Find a T-Mobile store: Need to buy a new phone or accessory right away? Want to talk to a T-Mobile associate in person? Use the app to locate the nearest store.
  • Check device Health: Our device health tool will make suggestions to improve your overall device performance, tell you which apps are using the most data and memory, and allow you to clear your cache and improve performance with a click of a button.


Look at our support site for device problems

Maybe you're the type of person who likes to read and figure out stuff on your own. Great! Visit our Support site and type in your question about phone troubleshooting, new plans you're considering, phone features, and much more.


Connect with us on your social sites

Getting help by contacting us on social is super-fast. Our great T-Force folks will answer almost instantly. Pick your favorite site and tap away!

  • Twitter: In just 140 characters or less, you'll be surprised how quickly you can get an answer.
  • Facebook: While you're Facebooking with your family and friends, head over to the T-Mobile page to get some answers--not just for you, but for your family and friends too.
  • Google+ Join the Google+ crowd to get speedy answers.
  • YouTube:  Visit T-Mobile's YouTube page to catch up on the latest news and learn a few things you never knew about using your phone.
  • Instagram:  See action photos of how to use your phone at home, on vacations, or anywhere.


Discuss a problem with our experts in the discussion groups

What's great about discussion groups is that you can tap into the thousands of customers and experts to ask questions and get answers. Call it an organized social network of experts and fellow customers who are experts in their own devices.


So where are these trusted customers and experts? Just join the community.


Talk to us directly

Of course you can call us. We'd love to hear from you! After all, our Customer Care was rated number one last year by J.D. Power.


See for yourself? Find the number here.


Chat with us in an IM

Don't want to talk on the phone? The next best thing to calling us is chatting with us. A chat session is like instant messaging. You'll chat with one of our experts and get the problem fixed now by our award-winning experts on the other side of the chat windows.


Visit one of our stores

Sometimes, you just want to talk to someone face-to-face or feel the phone in your hands before you purchase it. No problem! Find a store near you.

Un-carrier X Banner.png

The other guys force you to guess how much data you’ll need to share. Then they turn around and gouge you, just because you guessed wrong and went over your shared data bucket. But not at T-Mobile!


On November 15, we’re doubling our data buckets—no overages or sharing required! Plus, when everyone on your plan adds more high-speed data, you’ll be able to save up to $15/line on the additional data with the new Family Match plans. That’s 4x more data than ATT and Verizon for the same price. And, for a limited time, you get the 4th line at no additional charge!


Plus, with Binge On™, some of the most popular streaming services—such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Sling, ESPN, Showtime, and Starz—stream at no additional charge without using up your data. And, we optimize how all streamed video displays on your device so your high-speed data can last up to 3x longer. Video streams at DVD quality (480p+) with Binge On. You may disable Binge On at any time, but you'll lose Binge On benefits.



Details on what's changing and what's getting even better

All our current plans and data features will be grandfathered on November 15 to make way for our new Simple Choice™ plan lineup. Our customers will have all the same great Simple Choice plan benefits that they get with the old Simple Choice plan, but now there will be new data options.


Family Match: Families can now get a discount on data with our new Family Match plans when all lines meet the minimum data requirements.

Twice the data: All new Simple Choice customers now get twice the included data—that's 2 GB for every line.

Add more data: If you want to add more data, you can choose between 6 or 10 GB of high-speed data or get Unlimited high-speed data on your smartphone on our network with 14, 18, or 22 GB of Smartphone Mobile HotSpot.

Stash data: With the new Simple Choice 6 GB and 10 GB plans, you can now stash up to 20 GB of data.


Video streaming optimized for your device

If you're looking to get the most out of your data when streaming video, T-Mobile now has Binge On which lets your high-speed data last up to 3x longer.


  • Binge On optimizes mobile video streams for you automatically so you can use less data while watching more.
  • You're automatically enrolled in Binge On (you can opt in and out of Binge On whenever you choose).
  • You get unlimited streaming to your device when watching video from providers such as Hulu, Netflix, and more!
  • If you're on our Unlimited high-speed data on your smartphone plan, you get 1 free movie rental from Vudu every month.
  • All T-Mobile customers are eligible for 30% subscription discount from Sling.



Binge Watchers Anonymous

Before you know it, you'll be binge watching so many of your favorite TV shows and movies that you might want to think about signing up with Binge Watchers Anonymous. While there, you can get your meme-bership card and leave your best binge-watching story on our 24-hour help line. And you never know—the best stories may be featured in an upcoming T-Mobile commercial. Visit http://bingewatchersanonymous.org/ today.



Still have questions? We've got you covered!

For more information, go to the FAQs below:



You can also join the discussion in the T-Mobile Support Community.

Wi-Fi CellSpot Router.pngYou may have recently received an SMS reminding you to complete the installation of your Cellspot Router. We've got some great information on this page that will show you the benefits of the CellSpot Router, a video setup tutorial, and even information on returning the router if it isn't for you.



Cellspot Router benefits

What's so great about your Cellspot Wi-Fi Router? For starters, it’s like having a personal T-Mobile tower in your home, delivering maximum in home coverage. You’ll enjoy:

  • Incredible coverage: Uses your home internet to covers approximately 3,000 square feet on average and helps ensure a strong, consistent Wi-Fi signal as you move around your home
  • Call prioritization: Includes specialized firmware that prioritizes T-Mobile calls over regular data traffic to provide a premium Wi-Fi Calling experience
  • Plug and play installation: The Wi-Fi CellSpot Router can replace your existing router or can be added to your current home network



Setup video

When you’re ready to take your coverage to the next level, follow the instructions in the setup video to complete your installation. If you need this video in Spanish, click here.




Avoid equipment fees!

Still not sure if the CellSpot Router is for you? It’s easy to return the device by following these simple steps. Please be aware that if you ever wish to cancel service and don't return the router, there will be a $99 non-return fee. To avoid this fee, it’s best to return the device now if you do not plan to use it.


If you need any additional help or info, be sure to check out the Wi-Fi CellSpot Router support page or contact us.


This device may access an unsecured Wi-Fi network which could impact your data security. See T-Mobile.com for details and restrictions including important 9-1-1 and security limitations. Property of T-Mobile USA, Inc. Not For Resale. Damage fee may apply. Qualifying wireless service, compatible phone & broadband Internet connection required for Wi-Fi Calling. May require plan change. All data, messaging and other services billed according to your regular rate plan and other pricing.

What to do when your phone is blocked

You finally made that switch to T-Mobile. You signed up at a local store and walked out completely activated. You were even able to save some money by finding an iPhone online at a reasonable price. For the first five months you've been enjoying your T-Mobile experience … and then disaster! Suddenly, you can't make calls. You can't send texts. What the heck’s going on?!


There’s a chance that your phone might be blocked. Many mobile carriers participate in blocking programs, sometimes referred to as IMEI blocking, to help reduce fraud. When a phone is blocked, it cannot use services* on networks that participate in the blocking program.


If you plan on purchasing a new device from a third party, we recommend you perform an IMEI status check. It's free and only takes a few seconds. Most importantly, you'll know if your phone is blocked before you buy it. Learn what an IMEI is and perform an IMEI status-check now.


If your phone is blocked, please contact T-Mobile Customer Service. Make sure you call from a phone other than the one that is blocked. You'll also need your IMEI. If you're not sure what the phone's model number is, simply dial *#06# to display the IMEI.


*If you're using a T-Mobile phone that is blocked, you'll still be able to use emergency services by dialing 911.


Update (10/30/2015):
We're currently experiencing waves of random spam attacks so all of the below will apply. We'll try to make the experience as painless as possible but there may be higher than normal posting delays. As mentioned below, if your question is urgent you can always check out our Contact Us page for more direct channels for assistance.

Spam. The scourge of your inbox. Everyone, and every website has to deal with it! Websites even set up defenses to hold back the ever present danger of foreign princes and little blue capsules.


We're one of those sites that are always working hard behind the scenes to battle the spammers and keep them from posting in our Support Community, but every now and then they get crafty. When this happens we make sure to scoop these posts out as soon as we can, but you might have noticed some spam out there recently. Due to this, we've temporarily changed a few things until we can get our spam-blasting auto defense turrets online. Thanks for bearing with us while we clean up the mean streets of the Support Community, and as a rule, just don't send anyone your bank account number.



Posting delays

You may have noticed that some of your questions and replies aren't posting immediately. Or, if you are brand new to our community (welcome, by the way! It's not like this all the time, we promise) you might see your new registration showing as pending. This is to help us cut down on the spam posts until we're back to normal. We apologize for the inconvenience this can cause while you're looking to hang out with other T-Mobile customers and get their help, but it is only temporary.



Reporting spam

If you're out there posting away and you see a big ol' heap of spam creeping out there, help us out by reporting it! Just click this little button to send the offending post off to e-prison.

Report Abuse.png


Immediate help

If you need more urgent assistance with your account or need to contact someone at T-Mobile please contact us! Even if you don't feel like picking up the phone, we've got plenty of options available to get you some help.

Nepal has been devastated by earthquakes recently, and our deepest sympathies go out to all those affected by this tragedy. If you have family or friends there, we can’t imagine what it’s like for you as you attempt to contact them during this crisis.


With the continued relief and rescue efforts going on, T-Mobile wants to help you stay connected. That’s why we’re allowing free calls and texts to Nepal from April 25 through May 31, 2015. The free voice and text services are available to T-Mobile customers on our Pay in Advance (prepaid) and monthly (postpaid) plans. If you're currently in Nepal, we recommend you restart your phone right away to receive free data.


For more information, visit the T-Mobile Newsroom and read the press release. You can also check out these frequently asked questions:


Why is T-Mobile doing this?

We want to help out those in need. In the past, we did something similar in response to other global disasters, such as the tsunami in Japan and the typhoon in the Philippines.


Will I still be charged for data?

We’re temporarily adding Nepal to our Simple Global country list, so Simple Choice™ Plan customers with Simple Global will have data roaming at no extra charge in the country. If you want high-speed data, it's still available as a paid add-on, as it’s in all Simple Global countries.Learn more about Simple Global.


How long will this free service last?

We’re currently offering this until May 31. But, we'll continue to monitor the situation in Nepal as the week’s progress.


Does this apply to calling from any country to Nepal?

Yes. We're waiving charges for calling and texting to this country code from anywhere in the world for eligible customers.


What if I don't have international calling?

What we're doing here is designed to help people who have family and friends in Nepal or who are travelling there. It’s likely they'll have a plan with international calling already. Most plans already include the ability to call globally. If you're on a plan without global calling—such as the Simple Choice Plan with No Credit Check—you would need to set up international calling in order to be able to call Nepal. You can do so at absolutely no cost by migrating to Simple Choice, or you can add international talk for $10 for one month.


Are you doing anything to improve the cellular infrastructure in the country? What good is this if people can't get through?

At the moment, we're trying to do what we can to make it easier for our customers to connect with family and friends in Nepal during this difficult time.


Is there a way I can help Nepal?

Yes. To support the disaster relief efforts in Nepal, you can text-to-donate through one of the following charity organizations:

  • Save the Children: Text NEPAL to 20222 to donate $10
  • UNICEF: Text NEPAL to 864233 to donate $10
  • World Vision: Text NEPAL to 777444 to donate $10

On 3/31/2015, the Softcard app was shut down along with all wallets. We encourage Android™ users to download Google Wallet so you can continue to tap and pay in stores.


Simply download the app, take a photo of the bank card you'd like to use and you're ready to go. Google Wallet works with all major debit and credit cards. You can also store your gift cards and loyalty cards in Google Wallet and easily redeem them at checkout.


Google Wallet works on NFC-enabled Android phones running KitKat 4.4 and higher and is accepted wherever you see this symbol:


How to check international coverage

Whether you're taking an ocean cruise or travelling to a far-off land, it's always a good idea to make sure you have coverage wherever your international travels take you.


To check international coverage:


  1. Go to our International Plans page.
  2. Enter the name of the country you're traveling to in the field. If you're going on a cruise, enter the cruise or ferry in that field.
  3. Click the CHECK RATES button.
  4. You'll be taken to a page that shows rates and coverage for that country. If you keep scrolling down, you can check if your phone will work in that country.


Looking for more information about traveling abroad? Check out International roaming services. You can also get answers to commonly asked questions by visiting the International roaming FAQs.

Manage your T-Mobile account

Use the T-Mobile App or your My T-Mobile account

Contact us

We're here to help