Your phone does it all. It is your friends list, your research assistant, your map, your gaming console, and even your portable movie theater. Your phone is amazing and all the folks who made that great little gadget are working to make it even better all the time through software updates.

Where's my software update?

While it might seem simple to announce a new software update for your phone and then roll it out, there is actually quite a bit that happens in between. Let's talk about what happens once an update is announced, who works on it, and why it might take longer than expected.



What's the hold up?

There are a lot more folks involved with a software update than you might imagine. Software updates require a partnership between the software developer, the device manufacturer, and T-Mobile. In some situations, updates are created for a whole line of phones, such as Android, and then need to be modified for a specific phone.


Let's say, for example, Google is releasing an awesome new Android software version. Once the software has been created, each phone manufacturer needs to add special phone software overlays (like HTC Sense or Samsung TouchWiz). Once that is done, each carrier tests it out to make sure it works properly so that everything is nice and smooth when the software rolls out to the public.


All this software talk making you wonder if you're up to date? You can always take a look st the Software version & updates document in the space for your device to make sure you're on the latest and greatest!