Contacts is now retired

Contacts was a free service that allowed you to backup up to 5,000 contacts on a secure T-Mobile server. Contacts has now been retired,


If you stored contacts on your phone, don't worry, they are still there and will remain on your phone. But what happens if you lose your phone and haven't backed up your contacts? Without a backup, your contacts will be lost forever. Don't worry, you have options for backing up your contacts.


There are two popular options for backing up your phone:


  • Many popular email services offer contact storing services. If offered, you can backup your contacts online.
  • You can backup your contacts with a third-party app. Keep in mind, third-party apps are not supported by T-Mobile.


Newer phones offer lots of storage space. You can visit our phone how-to guides to learn how to store contacts on your phone. Keep in mind, if you lose your phone, your contacts will be lost as well. We strongly recommend you backup contacts with a cloud or email service.