So you just did a JUMP! upgrade and got a new phone—awesome. But now comes the tricky part: getting your contacts over to your new device.


Your two best options are:


  • Let T-Mobile do it for you. Our retail associates are the best in the business. We'll transfer your contacts, fast and free of charge. It'll be like your new phone came with your contacts already downloaded. Locate a store near you.
  • Do it yourself. If you're the adventurous type, or you prefer the DIY approach, you have options. The best way to transfer contacts is through the cloud—and we'll show you how.


Your best bet is using your platform's cloud storage options:


  • Android phones use Gmail contacts
  • Apple phones use iCloud
  • Windows Phones use a Microsoft account
  • BlackBerry10 uses BlackBerry link with Outlook


If you're going to be using the same platform, for example, you have an Android phone and you upgrade to a newer Android device, then transferring contacts is pretty easy. Your contacts are stored in the cloud, so all you'll have to do is add the account to your phone, and your contacts with automatically download. For example, once you add your Gmail account to your new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, your contacts will start syncing right away. If you're worried about using up data, we recommend turning on Wi-Fi before adding an account to your phone. To get steps on adding an account go your phone, check out the Email accounts page for your phone or Internet device.

Tips on transferring contacts from one phone to another


Let's say you want to switch from a Samsung Galaxy S 5 to an Apple iPhone 6—then what? How do you transfer contacts when you're going from Android to the Apple iOS? Android and Apple devices are our most popular devices, so it makes sense we see these scenarios the most.


Below you'll find helpful steps on how to transfer contacts between these two platforms:


  • Android to Apple:
    1. On your Android phone, make sure your contacts are saved on the Gmail account.
    2. On your Apple device, add your Gmail account. For steps, check out the Email accounts page for your phone or Internet device.
    3. Select to sync Contacts and Calendar.
  • Apple to Android:
    1. From a computer, go to
    2. Sign in to iCloud.
    3. Click the Contacts button.
    4. Select contacts from the list.
    5. Click the Actions pop-up menu.
    6. Click Export vCard.
    7. Import the vCard file into Gmail.
    8. On your Android device, add your Gmail account.


If you need additional support or have questions, we're here to help. You can join the conversation to get support or share tips you use.